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                     08/25/06- Variety is the spice of life! I decided to check out another cruise night
       which takes place every friday night in front of Flames restaurant, in Chatsworth. I also
      decided to bring my friend Jaime along. She has never been in a classic car or hotrod before so this promises to be fun for her! She arrived well prepared, per my instructions and bore both scarf and warm jacket. We hopped into the roadster, the starter kicked in, the engine roared and the roadster leaped forward with joy and off we were to a new adventure! The ride was short but not lacking excitement, as many drivers (young or old, male or female) on the way decided to honk, smile and even pull next to us to talk to us about the roadster. I hit the gas pedal a little too abruptly at a stop sign and the roadster did a burn out, which, much to my surprise, delighted Jaime. Jaime who is always so quiet and shy and subdued was literally possessed by the racing demons. She became animated, excited and started waving enthusiastically to all who gave us thumbs up or honked. I could not believe my eyes! I could almost swear that I could see little she-devil horns protruding underneath her white scarf LOL !!! Soon we arrived at Flames, which was hopping with hotrods and people... I pulled into the lot and every single face there turned to us, staring as we made our glorious :) entrance. There was a really cool group of very knowledgeable old timers there who literally dissected the roadster and went over its many cool components with me. I learned a lot that night and, yes you've guessed it, made yet many more new friends!

PS: if you do this cruise night, make sure to have the BBQ ribs at Flames, they are finger licking good, and the owner is so very nice to all the hotrodders who come in to eat!






jaime bundles up for the ride


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