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                     09/17/06- Don't ask me the name of this show and who put it together, I am doing
          my very best to forget. I am trying to forget everything about this show, because
       everything about it was lame. So forgive the sarcastic tone prevalent on this page, but considering the amount of money I have spent on therapy to work out the issues created by the sheer trauma of being exposed to that car show.... well...

Not to want to sound like a whiner, but let's list a few of the things that were NOT happening at that show: It was super hot, it was super windy, we were parked next to a huge dirt field and ate dirt all day. All of which I can easily deal with. However, what I had difficulty dealing with: the people organizing the show did not have a single vendor selling drinks or food. No restrooms or porta potty. Complete disorganization. An obvious complete lack of promotion resulted in that only about 50 spectators showed up (if that). We got corralled in the back lot behind a restaurant, where no one could see us. Meanwhile us car owners were stuck there, eating massive amounts of dirt and dehydrating from 8AM until 3PM. And we had to pay $30 for the privilege of eating sand and turning into crispy human potato chips. To add insult to injury, even the judging was lame. And I am not saying that because I did not win anything, that's no big deal, I don't have a "show car" to begin with. No, I say that because when a motorcycle wins because they are the ONLY motorcycle in the class, then it makes you wonder just how valid the whole show is... Oh well, it was an experience I guess, and what I have learned is that I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!  Thank God we had friends there to cheer us up! Otherwise I would have probably simply hung myself with my fan belt to put an end to my misery LOLOL. :P..







Oh nooooo ! Hiboy and I get stuck in Super Lame car show hell... :(

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