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Spawning tank large sponge filter 

Includes air stone and wide stem. Fry safe: the sponge material is so fine it makes it impossible for even the smallest fry to get stuck in the filter. Weighted, will not rise to the top. Ideal for 5 to 10 gal spawning tanks.
Note: Not my favorite.



Spawning tank 'small world' corner filter (Pennplax)

I use these all the time and personally swear by them. They are the perfect height for a half filled spawning tank. Include suction cups to keep it secured. Come with one cartridge filled with carbon and filtering media.
Note: Yop, this one IS my favorite :).



Pennplax mini corner filter cartridges
(pack of 2)

refills for the Pennplax mini corner filter. Filled with carbon and a sponge. Should be replaced once a month or so.



Submersible heater 25 W


Visi Therm are my all time favorite heaters. They are high quality, robust, accurate and reliable. Knob is easy to turn even when heater gets old. Ultra powerful suction cups just won't let go. But the best feature is the visual thermostat which allows you to dial visually the desired temp. This is my heater of choice for my spawning tanks. PS: You still must use a regular thermometer in conjunction with this heater.



Floating thermometer

These are what I use. Simple, effective, inexpensive. Float, so can adapt to any water level, which is a big plus. Never put a heater in a small tank without a thermometer!! You can cook your bettas real easy if you don't monitor the temps carefully !



Digital thermometer

These get affixed to the outside of the tanks. Not my favorite, but some people prefer them so I thought I'd offer them here. Their advantage is that they cannot break, so if you are the clumsy kind, maybe you should stick to these :)).


Stress Zyme   (8 oz.)

This will allow your spawning tank to cycle pronto, and will avoid an abrupt rise in the Nitrite levels which usually causes the fry to die. Add it when you first set up your fry tank. Should also be used when setting up a new tank (regardless of the tank's size) or to give a boost to an older tank's filter. I recommend it.



Black water extract (3.38 oz)

Will get bettas to spawn. Helps keep water soft and recreate the natural conditions encountered in the wild. Works good, I always use it.




Water of the world - S.E ASIA

This is a brand new product on the market, which is very promising because it was designed especially to recreate the native water of our Betta Splendens (even has a photo of a betta on it :)  ). I have not yet tried it but know some good breeders who are using it as we speak. I say: Give it a shot!




Initially add a drop per gallon to your spawning tank when eggs are laid.  Will create a bloom of micro organism which the small betta fry will feed on. Good product, but don't overdose or it will pollute your tank! 


Small fish saver   ( 2 oz.)

Prevents fungus from attacking your betta's eggs :). Also prevents small fry from being attacked by fungus. It is really a good idea to have this product at hand when spawning.


Also check: air pumps, airline tubing and gang valves you will need to fire up the spawning filters, as well as cleaning supplies to clean your fry tanks and test kits to monitor your fry water quality.