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               08/20/06 - Hiboy and I met just in time for my Birthday! When we heard about the
         Hollywood Hotrod car show taking place that day, we just couldn't resist the temptation and
      decided to make it a birthday date!

Having accidentally met some nice new hotrodder friends at Starbuck Cafe a few mornings earlier, we called each other and everyone decided to meet up for coffee at 8AM and then convoy to Burbank. I was on cloud nine as I followed several other cool hotrods down Victory boulevard, and needless to say we didn't go unnoticed! The San Fernando valley parted before us like Moses Red Sea and before we knew it we had crossed it from West to East and had arrived to the promised land. I was able to find a spot inside the lot because my roadster is small. Some of my convoy brotherins were exiled to Siberia (the lot behind the building) :( . Once again many hotrodders from the local scene gathered to check out Mr. Hiboy and complimented me generously. A TV producer also approached me about a reality TV show they are working on and asked if I would be interested. Now... Let's see. Mmmmm... National TV exposure driving the roadster across the Nevada desert for 3 days or so... YES YES YES YES!

I met more new friends that day and joined them for lunch. Later I cruised the Burbank hills solo and then headed to THE DERBY for a night of swing dancing. Well now, that's what I call a Birthday!






Hollywood hotrod shop in Burbank


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