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                     12/10/06 - Well, it's now officially winter and it's getting DARN COLD. I have   
       decided to rough it up this first year and to not add a top to my roadster. My new motto (to give me courage LOL) is: "Tops are for Sissies!" :). So far it is working. I figured that if I can survive the winter without a top then I am a worthy roadster pilot. I already survived the extreme heat August through October here in our beautiful SIZZLING HOT San Fernando Valley... So what's a little frost bite? Bring it on! I can handle it (I hope?) LOL.

And besides what's the point of having an old fashion automobile if you can't fully enjoy all the awkwardness of it. The lack of choke when you try to start it in the morning... The lack of windshield wipers when dew is covering your windshield in the evening... The lack of glove box when all your nick nacks are flying around with each curve you take... The lack of windows when a diesel truck is idling right next to you... The lack of heater when it is 30F and of course the lack of top. If it was easy, every girl would do it hehe...

Anywhooo as I said it is now winter, but here in California it still feels like FALL. Today I found a golden dead leave on Hiboy's nose :). And him and I celebrate yet another season of LOVE... It's a beautiful Sunday so we decide to stroll up Mulholland and take in the views... Destination unknown but now that I think about it, the ROCK STORE sounds as good as any :). So off we go.

It is a delightful cruise winding through canyons and mountains... Hiboy's 350 is purring nicely as we drive up the last climb... Around the corner is a famous cafe called THE ROCK STORE. This has been the hangout of choice of many a motorcycle riders and your occasional hotrodder too. Jay Leno oftentimes will grace the place with his presence and fine cars. But today it's my turn. The place is hopping and I am lucky to find a little parking spot amidst all those Harleys. Riders immediately flock to check out the new boy of the block and it's female driver. After miscellaneous chit-chat, I decide is time to eat so I try one of their big, messy burgers. A bit pricey but what the heck! Starvers can't be choosers LOL... I also check out the store and the many autographed photos of celebrities that stopped by along the years... Cool... This is a really nice cruise spot so Hiboy and I will be sure to come back visit often (and you should check it out too!)







it is fall, a great season to FALL in love (pun well intended) all over again...

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