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              11/26/06- Where have I been? I can't believe I only live 12 blocks away from this
       fabulous car meet and never even knew it existed! I was sitting at a repair shop a few weeks 
    ago and talking cars with a couple younger guys who gave me a flyer. They all meet every Sunday morning between 7AM and 9AM in front of the roaster cafe in Calabasas, near the 101 Freeway and Mulholland drive (exit Valley Circle and head south for one block). Several car club meet there, usually all at the same time, so you can catch a glimpse of just about anything from early 30's classics to 2006 exotics. Lots and lots of very expensive cars. Well Hiboy and I don't let money impress us so we feel right at home as we pull into the very crowded parking area. Edith Piaf (well, yes, now and then I do play nostalgic music from my home country - France) was singing some very old fashion French love song on my stereo and it added to the whole experience as I drove in and parked. Despite the fact that Hiboy was more than likely the least expensive car there, he got more than his share of attention, photos, compliments. The president of the Ferrari club and his wife came to shake my hand and officially greet me. They were very nice, unpretentious people. It always amazes me that guys who own $200K (or more?) cars will actually spend quite a bit of time admiring mine and complimenting me. I am JUST now starting to get used to it LOL.

After talking to many people and admiring many beautiful cars, I sat down in the morning sun and had a nice bagel and cream cheese as well as some coffee. (Notice how I always end up talking about food every time I talk about cruising? LOL One must wonder where I pack it? Wonder no more, there is a reason why I chose a car with a BENCH seat LOLOLOL - more room for bottom expension hehehehe). When I left home that morning I had but one goal: CRUISE ALONE ALL DAY. I wanted to have no specific schedule, destination or time frame. I would just drive where the road would take me. Go when I wanted, stop when I wanted, leave when I wanted. Little did I know that this lovely Sunday cruise would turn out to be my very first breakdown experience (oh nooooo ! :) Read all about it on the "next adventure" page


OK, this one is definitely ABOVE my budget! I overheard the owner say it costs on average about 10K in parts for every few miles driven... YIKES!!

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