Roaming Relics 2006 car show


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                     10/29/06- Having heard a lot about the Roaming Relics annual car show, I didn't
            have to ponder for a very long time whether Hiboy and I should head out to downtown
     Moorpark that day. Basically we glanced at each other and both did the 10 yard dash to the door, pushing and shoving each other on the way out ! LOL I hopped inside Hiboy and he reared up and zipped away. After our coffee stop (nothing like walking into a Donnut shop with an aviator cap still screwed onto your scull LOL - the looks you will get are priceless and well worth the entertainment value), we headed straight for the 118 freeway and since traffic was fairly sparse (and I was, as always, running late - sigh) we decided to take the 118 all the way to Moorpark. Once there it only took a few blocks to lead us into the show. As always there was a long line of classic cars waiting to yadee yadee yadda, you know the drill LOL. It was nice to see familiar faces smiling at me as I pulled in. Guess I am already part of the circus hehehe. Just as Hiboy and I were getting ready to make a triumphant entrance LOL, the evil, evil parking people hijacked us:


???? Whadaya mean "THIS WAY?", submissive as a lamb heading for slaughter I comply and turn left into what could be best described as the 'Siberia of car shows'. A back lot with a large RV blocking the view from the main street... In short: This is where old elephants are sent TO DIE.  >8O

I park, get out and Hiboy is giving me THE LOOK... You know, pissed off but trying not to say anything cause he doesn't want to get into an argument with me... There's a very expensive Shelby Cobra parked next to us. The owner doesn't seem thrilled to be here either (well, DUH!). We can only but ponder what we have done to deserve this, especially when we can see that cars that arrived after us are still being sent straight down glorious Main street. GRRRRRRR!!

THAT DOES IT! I pull out my 12 gauge shot gun and head out to the show's head quarters, where I intend to do what we women do best: BITCH, BITCH, BITCH. Fortunately, I bump into a friend of mine on the way there and it appears he too is helping with the car parking that day. He promptly solves the problem by finding me a spot on Main street - where Hiboy belongs LOL. It is a small spot most car wouldn't fit in but Hiboy is a little guy so no problem there. I run back to my love and give him a good nudge: "common' Hiboy, we're out of here!". Boy was he happy to leave the elephant cemetary behind! I mean, I know we're not "Fancy" but Siberia??? I don't think so!!


That 'regrettable incident' LOL behind us, a great day of wonderful weather and even more wonderful cars awaited us. I put a little blurb about Hiboy on his hood that day. I noticed many people took the time to read it. While Hiboy was getting his share of admirers I was roaming the show, looking at cars, talking to owners... As always I took photos of my favorite early hotrods and can't wait to share them with you below! We didn't win anything that day: No way, there were too many exciting hotrod there for us to be even remotely noticed.... Except maybe for my vintage attire which was quite a hit that day. Many people loved the 40's dress, shoes and hair doe and asked to take my photo in front of Hiboy. I must say we made quite a pair that day. It seemed we had just stepped out of a time machine!

A photographer asked if he could take some 3 D photos of us. YA BETCHA! I can't wait to see them, it's going to be a trip seeing the roadster and myself in three dimensions... I sure hope I don't scare all the little children (come here my little pretty!!!) LOLOL








Pulling into the show (and we didn't bring the rain with us this time!! LOL)

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