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                     10/06/06- I once saw a sticker on a hotrod that read: "CRUISE UNTIL THE WHEELS
       FALL OFF". Well, that pretty much seems to be my motto :). So when I heard of a cruise night down in Torrance, I had to make a go for it. I made a few phone calls and rallied a posse :). I am such a trouble maker! It's cool to hang out with friends who are retired because they have plenty of free time to do things and seldom need advanced notice! Regrettably, retirement is not quite around the corner for me yet (but I'm traveling fast down the freeway of life and next thing I know, I'll be retired too!)... Well.. We have a couple more weeks or so to go ;). Fortunately, both Hiboy and I are aging gracefully and can still pass for teenagers hehe... Although sometimes I don't know who looks older: Him, or me? Well, anyways, everyone met me at my work at 3PM on Friday. To see all these cool old cars lined up in my office building's parking lot was a real (and very rare) treat. We drove off and our little convoy marched happily down Ventura Blvd to Sepulveda and for a while we were cruising nicely... Until we hit the HUGE 'rush hour Friday night insane enough to make you want to hang yourself' Los Angeles traffic that is. From then on it was pretty much bumper to bumper all the way down, which took about 2 more hours. Oh well, we still had fun cause we had each other :). Everyone was real courteous, waiting on each other whenever we got split up by red lights or interchanges.

So we crawled all the way down to our destination and made quite an entrance at Ricky and Ronnie's (corner of Normandie and Sepulveda) ! People were surprised to see A)- A new-to-them 32 roadster pulling in B)- A woman driving it C)- wearing an aviator cap and googles and D)- followed by a bunch of cooler than cool cars. The gates opened up before us with reverence and in we were! We lined up our rides and were happy to get out and stretch our sore little legs. As I stood by my roadster a nice couple walked up to me: "Hi! I have a photo of you cruising at the Cruise for a cure show couple weeks ago!" the wife said :)) - See? I told you EVERYONE in Orange County now has my photo LOL. I also met Hector, the nice man who did some work on Hiboy for the previous owner. Hector was really cool and very helpful. It was nice to finally meet him in person, as him and I had previously talked on the phone several times.

PS: This cruise night takes place the first Friday of every month and is truly very cool. Lots of people, action and nice cars. If you are a hotrodder, I highly recommend checking it out. Don't expect too much in terms of food though, as it took forever to order it and even longer to get it. But heck, none of us are there to eat anyways, are we? :)







The posse gathers at my work. 1926 coupe, two 32 hiboys, a 32 Essex coupe and one muscle car.

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