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This page covers repairs done between 11/10/06 and 11/28/06








11/10/06 -  made a lumbar support cover

You'd think being that I am a woman, it would be easy for me to make a cover for the lumbar support I currently need to be able to drive my roadster (yeah, yeah, I am a petite woman) ... Well, think again. This is an odd shape and my dice fabric was not the stretching kind... I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks....

(hint: sounds like: "#@%*## !!" ;)  ).

it helps my lower back but
it sure looks ugly and out of place

ok so now it looks a bit more the part and
will have to do for now, until I get my seat custom fitted.

11/18/06 thru 11/21/06 -  set-up a four day repair marathon

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly stocking up on parts, getting ready to roll up my sleeves and DIVE IN. It's a bit intimidating when you look at an entire car and think : I got to fix this. And you've never done it before. Actually let me rephrase this: It's not intimidating, it's SCARY. When I start to freak out a little I simply tell myself: Well, how hard can it be? You can do it Faith, you can do it. Remember you are a really SMART gal.  I just have to take a deep breath and take it one step at a time. Ask for a lot of advice and help and learn. Kinda like climbing up a ladder. Don't look up, don't look down, just focus on the bar right in front of your nose and next thing you know you'll be all the way at the top!

I am not shy and not afraid to ask for help when I know I can't pull it off because I lack both knowledge and experience. So trust me, I have been asking anyone and everyone for advice and asked Sean to help me through this first batch of repairs. Although I would have preferred to do it at my home, in my own garage, he asked that I bring Hiboy to his abode instead. beggars can't be choosers, so I complied. The four day fix-a-roadster marathon started early Saturday morning, with an odd, tribal ceremony, a sort of mating dance also known as: Hunt the mailman down so you can get your gosh darn overnight package - which contained my engine new bushings. Due to very poor handling of an otherwise simple situation on the part of Speedway Express, these essential parts had left one day late and may not make it on time for the week-end scheduled repairs. I did find out the parts had arrived but were in the delivery truck so we attempted to intercept them to gain a few - much needed - hours. It was fun chasing after the elusive mail truck, almost as much fun as racing with a train conductor back in September (what, I forgot to tell you that story??? Oooops). Ironically the train was easier to catch up with then the mailman! But I did finally get my parts around noon. Then we set-up Hiboy and rolled up our sleeves for what was going to be my first real hotrodding experience :).


yeyyy! All the parts are ready!

I learn how to jack up Mr. Hiboy

Murphy's Law: It has to be hot
as hell in the middle of November! I Put  the canopy up to try to get some shade.

11/18/06 thru 11/21/06 -  replaced valve cover gaskets and polished covers.

We quickly lost daylight on the first day so I decided to tackle the easiest repair on my list: replacing the valve covers gaskets and polishing my nostalgic, vintage Edelbocks, which, if you remember, got a bit damaged couple months ago when Sean used an engine cleaner that did not agree with the old metal. :( Leaving some white spots everywhere Boohoohoooo... Everything went well (see comment and photos below) but a SURPRISE awaited us when we lifted up the passenger side valve cover! Inside there, amidst my valves, I found an unidentified object! What the HECK???? Sean and I are baffled. What is it? What is it doing here? Does it have a purpose? The only logical explanation is that HIboy has been previously abducted by aliens and they forgot their anal probe in there LOL. Or maybe it's just that a previous owner had too much beer while working on the valve covers? LOL Well, I prefer the alien probe explanation, much more enticing, so I'm sticking with that ;). LOL.. Wait! Maybe it's a hotrod secret trick to take care of some problem? Just to be sure, I make a round of phone calls to some of my Old timer friends. But noone has ever heard of such a "trick" so we cast our votes: The unidentified object gets the boot! :) And hopefully Hiboy will run fine without it LOL.


off comes the first valve cover - well that was EASY!

I get to see my rocker arms for the first time! everything looking good in there... but wait...

What the HECK is ZAT? An alien probe?

The valve covers get a deep cleaning with brake cleaner

then we sit on the floor of the garage for a good hour, polishing away while talking about cars...

 TARRRRA! ok, so I'll admit it, Sean's cover looks a bit shinier than mine :/
Why did we get cork? I learned that evening that there are several types of gaskets. I wanted the best ones, instead I got the shittiest ones RATS!

 I have a feeling I will want to change them soon. I want nothing but the best for hiboy. But for now the cork will have to do... (Oh put a cork in it Faith!) LOL

11/18/06 thru 11/21/06 -  raised engine and replaced engine mount bushings

The next morning, Sunday, we started bright and early and worked our fannies off until very late at night. I can't wait to go back to work on Monday so I can REST! LOL We tackled quite a few things that day and surprisingly we didn't argue too much LOL. I tried to do as much as possible myself, but needed assistance and guidance from Sean on and off. Some stuff I didn't know how to do, some stuff I didn't have the physical strength to do and some stuff plain needed two people to get done. Meanwhile he was working on his own hotrod, a 1947 Plymouth Business coupe which I helped him hunt down and purchase back in Late August (about the same time I got my car). Yeah, yeah, one day soon I'll post some photos of his full restoration rat rod project here. But for now let me be blatantly selfish and talk about MY car. First I tackled replacing the engine bushings and raising the engine up as much as possible. I'll explain: When the car was originally built, the engine was set very low. So low that the crank wheel would clip the tie rod when driving, if you hit a hole and "bottomed out". Although not a serious issue, and one that some shops told me to "not worry about", I felt that tie rod and crank wheel were too close for comfort and would benefit from some "personal space" ;). After all, distance makes the heart grow fond :). My plan? To A)- replace the tired, older, sagging bushings under the engine mounts and B)- replace my tired, stiff, flattened front leaf spring. Both above moves should help me gain better clearance (about 1.5 to 2 inches to be precise) and both are things I need to do anyways for other reasons, so hitting two birds (and sometimes three!) with a big bolt has become my motto hehehehe...


the old rubber mounts have started to sag. The retainer (in red) were hastily spray painted by a previous owner who as you can see, oversprayed everywhere. I have some cleaning up to do.

after unbolting the mounts, we jacked up the engine carefully

old bushings were removed. new bushing will fit PLUS one shim. To keep it flush with frame I will have to cut the large washer.

so I get to work, enjoying meticulous grinding and trying not to get hammered by the sparks in the process ;) - hence the pants, gloves, safety glasses, long sleeves, and my covering my face too :)/

if you ask me I did a dandy job! The washer now fit perfect.

while I am at it might as well paint the cream spot and make it match the rest of the (now)  black frame.
LEFT: Wow, this came out real nice! Engine has gained about 1/2 inch or a bit more. Retainers look real clean and you can see how the new rubber is also looking real good. I am very pleased, so what's next? BRING IT ON!

11/18/06 thru 11/21/06 -  replaced oil pan

Next project was a bit more difficult. Changing an oil pan itself is not hard, but changing one that is held prisoner by a Unisteer and tie rod on one side and a crank wheel lip on the other... Well, that's another story altogether. I had several old timer friend of mines look at it Friday night at our weekly car meet. They told me it might not come out... No way was I going to tackle that one alone so after I drained and unbolted the oil pan, Sean had to come to the rescue. he battled for a while, all I could see were his feet sticking out from under the roadster and overhear the occasional " #@!!&*%$##@! " :). Well, a few #$@^% !! later, off came the oil pan and we popped a bottle of Champaign to celebrate. (really? No, not really, silly, we still have a lot of repairs to do and need to see straight!).


I started by draining
the little guy.

the rolled under the car and unbolted the oil pan... Hum... Are you sure this is safe?

YES! Off comes the old oil pan.

Looky looky! Here's my crank shaft!

initially I had ordered a stock oil pan from Chevrolet Dealer but it looked like crap >8[. So I had to run to P.A.W and grab something else there.


After quite a few coat of caliper red paint, we are starting to look the part.
once again Sean helps to  " $#@@% !!" the oil pan back in place. It sure is a very tight fit.

while I'm at it, I toss the old ugly white oil filter and put a brand new black one in.

bell housing cover is bolted back on and now we have a pretty clean belly.



LEFT: Sean really needs to remember that just because one buys a brand new oil pan from P.A.W does not (and I repeat DOES NOT) necessarily mean that above mentioned oilpan had a tight drain bolt when it came out of the factory... the morning after, $40 worth of top quality synthetic oil and about 10 feet square of sliding delight later, we had in deed, learned our lesson.


11/18/06 thru 11/21/06-  replaced trans pan

That was an easy one. Nothing in the way! Removing the old pan was easy once it was drained. The new pan was, just like the oil pan, washed with soap and water, then rinsed and dried and then cleaned with brake cleaner to insure it was free of any residue so that the gasket would be securely glued. As always I crawled under the car and scraped off any remainers from the old gasket, then cleaned with brake cleaner. It was neat to be able to see the exposed "guts" of my rod in the process. We also changed the filter, which had its normal share of grinded metal shavings. Gasket was then glued onto pan, left to become "sticky" and then pan was bolted on. By now it is night time and I am starting to feel tired but I am not done yet :/

Geese, I feel I am back to being a woman: Doing DISHES???

Wow! I just found gold!

everything is looking good in there...

after I paint the new trans pan, we glue the gasket on and in it goes!

11/18/06 thru 11/21/06 -  replaced rear end seal

Sean handled that one from A to Z... I had a seal near the transmission / rear end area that was leaking. The results? Transmission fluid squirting everywhere on the undercarriage while the rear end was spinning when I drove around. It was not severe, but I figured that since the seal was under $10, and labor FREE - heck, why not?

out comes the rear end

soon I will have to decided what
color it will be painted...
more than likely black...
but not tonight honey,
I have a headache LOL

out goes
the old seal...

and in goes
the new seal... Done - what's next?

11/18/06 thru 11/21/06 - resealed and repainted 1932 radiator

RATS! I blew a hole in my radiator... Well, actually TWO. How did this happen, you ask? Well you see, I have a nice fan that keeps my engine running at around 160F at all time. Only drawback is that it is a MANUAL switch. You flick it on, and flick it off. If you forget the temps quickly will rise, depending on ambient temperature, traffic and speed, it can get very high... how high you ask? Boy you sure ask a lot of questions LOL. Well, I had never found out because I never forget to flick my fan switch on. except for that one fateful day... I was at Hollywood Hotrod for a consultation, discussing with troy (the owner) future repairs he is going to do on my roadster. We went for a test drive, he was at the wheel. This was the first time I let anyone drive my rod. (yep, even Sean does not get to drive it...). We were so absorbed by the test drive, testing my brakes, I forgot to tell him to flick the switch... 15 minutes of stop and starts later, we pull into the shop and suddenly, Hiboy is turning into the exorcist! I'm like: "What the heck is ZAT?": Green vomit is spewing out of the hood and slowly pouring down my hood side panels... AGH! We open the hood and we find that the radiator has turned into the sprinkler system inferno. The squirting lasted about 10 minutes, until the radiator regained its cool and the pressure came down and the big fat hose lost its rigidity... (wait.. Are we still talking about hotrods right now? LOLOLOL... OK Faith don't go there, don't go there...). Anywhooooo, I was barely able to make it home that night (a good hour drive) and green coolant was leaking all over my engine (boohoohoooo - I broke my toy!). So my MOST URGENT repair today is sending the radiator out to have it resealed. I drained it and had to then remove my hood and grill shell in order to access the radiator itself. The bolts were really hard to access, many things were in the way, so I had to unbolt quite a few things to get to that darn radiator! Once off, I took it home and the next morning (Monday) dropped it off to the radiator expert in charge of the fixing. Got it back the same night, and we bolted it right back on that same night.. But wait... It's not fitting right... Mmmm. WHY? Turns out there are two rubber mounts that go under the radiator and they are GONE. Shoot. I look all over for them and finally find one in the back of my truck. The other? Is still out there somewhere... Sean had to make two new rubber mounts, using the one we did find as a template. It is of utmost importance we get this right because the wrong size mounts = wrong radiator height = wrong hood/grill shell alignment. This, on a 1932 car, is a real HELL.


RATS! several pin holes at the top of my original 1932 radiator

driving to Sean's house I had a real mess going

off comes the hood (for the first time since I bought HIboy)

the entire radiator gets drained.

hey look! Hiboy took his shirt off and is showing off his six pack! Grrrrowr


off comes the grill shell - Geese! My radiator got accidentally overspray painted by a previous owner! Oh joy! More cleaning up for me to do :P.
off comes the radiator. My God! Hiboy is looking WEIRDER by the minute LOL

talking about WEIRD - as in SPOOOOOOOKY - check out the radiator shop... Would be perfect for the next SAW IV movie! I was expecting to see a dead, dismembered body in that tub LOL.

the owner is an old timer who builds radiators for rat rods. cool, just my kind of guy.


dropped off Monday at 8AM, picked up at 5PM same day. no more holes and no more green vomit :). Oh and no more RED OVERSPRAY either! I repaint it that same night.

I learn that old radiators like mine should have a 7Lbs cap, not a 16 Lbs cap like it previously had!

I also learn that there are rubber mounts that go under the darn thing and we lost one. I think it is floating somewhere in that green tub, next to the dead dismembered body ;).

11/28/06  -  lost in the wire jungle.... located and repaired a nasty wire short

So Hiboy has been in a deep coma since Sunday night (read that story here). He is dead as in D.E.A.D and I have an appointment at Hollywood Hotrod for serious repairs in 4 days! I need to be able to drive there darn it! Must fix Hiboy NOW. Time to pull out my rolodex hehe... One of the great perks about going to a lot of cruise nights and car shows is that you will meet a LOT of people. And if you are as organized as I, then you will soon have a powerful database filled with names and numbers, some of which can come quite handy on a rainy day like this one. A phone call later, I have lined up some heavy back up: A neurosurgeon has been summoned to attempt to resuscitate Hiboy :). Patrick, (aka: the Wire Wizard) is going to make a house call and do his magic here in my garage. I met Patrick at a car show back in September and immediately liked him. He is a nice, helpful guy and I am glad he is available cause I'd rather give him my money than give it to some Joe Shmoe. Patrick was very punctual and worked real hard and I regret to say not in the best of conditions, since Hiboy's dash is really hard to access. The area is very tight, with lots of obstacles in the way: Oversized steering wheel, steering column and the dark radio too. The poor man literally had to turn into a contortionist!! LOL . And two hours of gyrations later, we both emerged from under the dash with a smile: HE IS BACK! Turned out to be a couple wires that had short circuited everything else. One fuse had subsequently melted down and the rest is history. Patrick was very patient, especially since the poor man had to deal with both a)- a very uncomfortable position to work and b)- a complete jungle of unlabeled, unmatching wires b)- me hovering over his head and asking a million questions LOL... Hopefully he was not too traumatized and will help us again! I got to tell ya! Not even GOD himself could find his way in all this wire jungle. We had to go in with the machete and two large parrots flew out, I think they had a nest  in there or something LOL. Mmmmm. Mental note: Add to the TO DO list: Purchase decent wire harness and entirely rewire this hotrod! Also, purchase weed whacker. OK, so maybe I didn't built this hotrod but at this rate, I am going to entirely RE-BUILD it LOL... (sigh...)

I want my mommy...

are these parrot eggs I see?

Thank God Patrick is here!

this time, let's do it right

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