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color type: opaque white
bright red head
note: very hard to find
these bettas are: odity
skill level: intermediate/advanced
strain by:  Faith

price range*: $40 - $50 / betta

prices vary depending on how red head is, color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

R E D    H E A D S

Admit it, you have a soft spot for the hot little red heads ;)... 

These cuties pop out of my Holy Grail opaque line every now and then. This is a very interesting phenomenon, since usually males tend to get red in them while females don't. Why do these gals come out with a bright red head? No one knows... All I know is that the red heads are a delight to look at and very popular. They are truly the most adorable female bettas ever!
If you ever see some of the stock page snatch them fast. They are rare, and to date only about 20 were produced and people love love love them.

Red heads may have no red at all anywhere else, and be pure white (except for the head), or they may have a bit of red in their fins. Currently only in ST, may be available in DT one day soon :).