October 12, 2006

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Oct 12, 2006




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 The car show season is winding down in most parts of the country.... except for those lucky guys in CalifAriz, Florida .... and this is the time we think about making changes to our rides and even buying a new one for next season... That’s what we’re seeing here.. lots of sales this past week.... everything from Muscle to Nostalgia Rods.... so if you’re thinking of selling your car.... THIS IS THE PLACE ! We have over 1 MILLION pages viewed every DAY here at Hotrodhotline.com so you can be sure that you’ll get the best exposure for your car here... Check out just a few of our sales this week..... and see more SOLDS here...



SOLD        SOLD        SOLD




sold 40 ford pu


sold 32 ford


sold 37 ford2


sold 63 chev









sold 31 ford1


sold 40 ford


sold 37 ford


solf 56 ford



.These are just a few of the cars reported sold this week at Hotrodhotline.com. We continue to be the most effective way to sell your Pre 76 Car or Truck .... so if you have a car to sell .... You can list it here. Our regular classified ads start at only $25. for six months and our VIP Featured Car Ad with 6 pictures and Unlimited words is only $125. for six months.....
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These pictures are sooo cool..... our good buddy Ray Schuler sent them in...








On the left is Ray and his friend Tut in 1950 in Rays first car... on the right is Ray and Tut in the same place and a near same car !




RAY TUT IN 32 029x



 Ray was only 15 years old when this picture was taken. He didn’t have a license, so Tut had to drive him around. Ray paid $15. for the car... A 31 Roadster. It didn’t run when he got it so he had to work on it to get it running. and man did it SMOKE ! It burned a quart of oil every 10 miles... NO KIDDING ! Ray worked at a gas station so he put used oil in it. HA !  Every time it hit a chuckhole the front end shook and shimmied really bad... and the only way you could stop it was to slow down to about 15 mph. It needed new king pins badly but Ray couldn’t afford them !  Oh, WHAT MEMORIES .... This year Ray and Tut cruise past the same garage in a slightly newer car... a 32 Roadster... and it cost just a few bucks more than that first one !



YOUNG RODDERS !  We are getting lots of young rodder submissions for our Young Rodders contest... we had hoped to have our list of prizes ready by today but we don’t have everything in place yet.... but it will be a great package... and don’t forget ..... Everyone who enters will get a Hotrodhotline Shirt and Hat... Check out the latest Young Rodders and watch as we add new rodders every day. The contest is limited to rodders aged 30 and under but we want to have stories about the “nearly young” rodders too... so if you’re in your 30’s we consider you young.... HA .... and would like to share your story and your cars.... Email to Staff@Hotrodhotline.com  Check out our YOUNG RODDERS HERE







Dave from Connecticut has this great story about his son Nick... this is one we can all relate to....My seventeen-year-old son Nick's first engine build was a snotty 350, from the crank up, last year. Long story short, we ended up putting the kid-built 350 in my '67 Chevelle in front of a 700R4 as he continued to search for a worthy street warrior of his own.... Click here for the rest of the story....  then send us YOURS.... 




rodders row faith



This week we also have a great story from a “fairly young” rodder.. Faith Granger of West Hills, California is a new ‘32 Ford Roadster owner and she wrote a great story about her new love... His name is HiBoy and it’s quite a story...  Take a look at the Adventures of Faith and Hiboy as they join rodding circles around Southern California... CLICK HERE 
We’d love to hear about your ride too ... we have lots of great cars in our Rodders Row and we’d like to see yours too!



Don’t forget .... this newsletter shows you just a FEW of the new articles on Hotrodhotline this week... be sure to check out all of the different sections on our site for lots of News, Features, and Product Information..... www.Hotrodhotline.com



Well, that’s all for this week ..... Jack is off to the Portland Swap Meet this weekend... we don’t have a booth .... just looking for parts.  Remember.... we LOVE to have your pictures and stories.... We have many sections where we like to use pictures sent in by our visitors... We’d love more YOUNG RODDERS and RODDERS ROW pictures... so send us yours ! . See you on the road this summer... and don’t forget to check out the MOTORCYCLE SITE for all you that like Motorcycles and Rods... www.HRHLBikes.com




We love to hear from you so if you have any comments or Questons.... Just email us or give us a call !








34 ford goodsmall



That’s all for this week...So Until Next Time... Keep Roddin...
Jack, Mary Ann
and the Staff at Hotrodhotline






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