September 2006

The website "", dedicated to cover the upcoming 75th anniversary of the Deuce, features my Hiboy's story on their home page! This was a great honor!



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32 Ford Anniversary site, Deuce Anniversary info and stories about 32 Fords from the history of Rodding. All of the info you’ll need to celebrate the Year of the Deuce ! 32 Ford Hot Rods, Hot Rod Heroes and Legends and more....

  Early in 2006, we learned about the the upcoming 75th Anniversary of the ‘32 Ford and decided we just had to be involved in this celebration. We quickly discovered that there are many events planned and many people involved in celebrating this great car in different ways... This is your “one stop” clearing house for all of the Anniversary events and stories. If you have a story or event you would like us to do an article on... you can call us at 877-700-2468.

 Read this great story shared by Faith Granger of West Hills, CA...  

From the first moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one. He was everything I ever wanted... And more... And so was to start a great love story, the tail of the great passion between a woman and her Deuce Hiboy roadster. And the many adventures that would follow...My roadster's past is still a mystery waiting to unfold... Secrets untold... With his original 1932 frame, grill shell and gas tank, his old Guide headlights, his early 40's original hub caps, his old red steelies, his Buick fine drums, his retro 50's steering wheel, my roadster yells OLD SCHOOL loud and clear and it's music to my ears.The machine was driven over the years. Hard. It bears the scars of many road battles to prove it.... more...
MISSING....  Help us find these cars... there are 9 cars still missing from the list of the 75 Most Significant Hot Rod 32’s and we think that some of them can be found with your help..... CLICK HERE  to see the missing cars 
   We have some great new stories about some of the “75 Most Significant” Hot Rods... these two are being restored to their original glory for the 75th Anniversary... Check it out in our ‘Significant 75” section

   And these are the stories we are here to tell.   We have a Calendar of Events so that you will know about all of the ways this Anniversary is going to be celebrated and a Press Release Center so that you will have the most up to date info, as well as many great stories from journalists in our industry and from YOU !  So if you have one of Henry’s Deuces and would like to share your pictures and story, we’d love to hear it.  Got a story and/or pictures of a Deuce you used to have ?? We’d like to share that too. Send your Events and Stories to   or call us at  877-700-2468

Plans continue for the Deuce Anniversary Celebration in January at the Grand National Roadster show.  There will be a special 40,000+ square foot building dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary.

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