we always stick to policies so:



My track record speaks for itself: I have single handedly shipped over 50,000 bettas to date, and 99.9% of them arrived alive :))). In the last two year I have had ZERO Dead On Arrival. Please see my ref page for stats and facts. I remain one of the most active breeder/seller of top quality bettas nation wide, and truly do a great job at packing the bettas, using the best boxes, top of the line long lasting heat packs, as well as my own shipping technique, which I have perfected over the course of 8 straight years doing this year round. I really go the extra yard to make sure the bettas will have the safest possible trip. I have very extensive experience dealing with shippingbettas and I know my way around safest procedures. I take every precaution possible before, during and after shipping. . However, you must understand that there are calculated risks associated with the shipping of any live animal. Losses have been almost non existant with only one betta arriving dead every year, out of 3000 or so shipped, which translates into a 0.04% dead on arrival.  Having said that, it is not impossible that a shipment will run into some snags: Fedex delivering late, or exposing the bettas to extreme temperatures during transit, or other unforeseeable accidents. By ordering bettas, you accept the associated shipping risks and understand that if things go wrong neither you nor I are to be blamed for it. In an effort to be fair to both parties, my policy is to share the risks 50/50. Hence, if your bettas were to die en route, I will issue a credit for 50% of the amount you paid for the bettas. Postage may be reimbursed by the Fedex in many cases, but if for some reason the Fedex does not cover the shipping, then I will issue you an additional credit of $10 (50% of the $20 flat shipping fee I now a day charge). The Fedex has been good at delivering in a timely manner. Currently no shipments have been delayed in the mail stream. If your bettas were to be late, do not panic. The bettas are absolutely fine spending the extra time in the mail stream. Warning: If your bettas perish due to your own negligence (you didn’t pick up the bettas from the Post office the day they arrived, left them in the car, or decided to let the mailman handle their delivery instead of picking them up yourself, etc…) then you will be solely liable for the loss. You hereby agree to immediately notify me if the bettas are late and agree that should the bettas show up dead on arrival (DOA) you will not take any action or do anything without first consulting me. Failure to comply with above will result in my 50% replacement policy to be void.

Your shipment is insured if it is lost (as in not found) and Fedex will reimburse you. 


On occasion, bettas with large tails may "blow their tails" while in the mail stream. Halfmoons (and HM genos) are more prone to this than double tails or bettas with narrower tail span. While in the mail stream, bettas may dart around in their bags and this causes the delicate membrane to tear. Some bettas also bite their own tail (go figure). In short it is possible that your betta may arrive with some tail damage. The good news is: The membrane can mend rather fast. Missing pieces will grow back, and split pieces will fuse back together. In my experience, about 5% of halfmoons or large tail type bettas will sustain some damage while in shipping. You hereby understand that this is an inherent part of the shipping risks and that such incidents are not in my control or the result of my own doing. Hence if your male arrives with a tail that no longer looks "perfect", you will not be hold me liable. Please note that, unless otherwise mentioned in the lot description, all males sold have perfect tails when they are bagged and shipped on my end in perfect condition. 


The bettas you purchased are guarantied for the first week: If they arrive alive but then die within a week of arrival, I will issue a credit equal to the price you paid for the lost betta(s). Note: Deaths are a very rare occurrence, less than 0.1%. Please see my ref page for stats and facts. It is important you know that I will not sell and ship a betta that is not healthy. If I did, I would sustain heavy losses and lose my customers, and as you know 70% of my business is from repeat customers :). But sometimes bettas do die. It is usually impossible to determine why they do, because too many factors can come into play: Poor handling by the USPO, exposure to extreme temperatures during shipping. Or once they are in your hands: inappropriate handling when unpacking and acclimating, water contamination, bacteria or parasites in your water, contaminated live food, poor water quality, temperatures beyond normal range, abrupt changes of PH or water quality, hardness of your water, bacteria or parasite currently resident in your fishroom, contaminated bowl/tank, the list goes on and on… None of which are in my control. Bettas in your fishroom might have built immunity to a certain bacteria strain resident to your local water, and seem healthy and fine. New bettas arrive, a bit stressed by the shipping, their immune system is lowered, and they have never been exposed to the specific bacteria strain and DING they get sick and die. Also remember that some strains are more fragile than others, and that these fragile bettas might react adversely to poor living/water conditions while other bettas might be able to adapt better and seem just fine. If you are not an experienced breeder I recommend you not purchase these fragile strains. Fragile strains are marked as "recommended for intermediate to advanced breeder only" on our stock page. In an effort to be fair to all parties involved, I decided that I would provide my customers with the same guarantees fine fish stores give: Your betta is guarantied for a week. Should your betta (s) die within a week of arrival, I will issue a credit for the amount you paid for them to be applied to your next order. Shipping remains you responsibility. You must notify me of the bettas’ death via email immediately. Email must be sent within 7 days of fish delivery. If you are a first time customer, without references from a known breeder, then you must provide a reasonable proof that the bettas have died by emailing me a snapshot of the dead bettas, or mailing the dead bettas back to be, regular mail, bagged in some water. Failure to do that will void my one week life guaranty. Failure to notify me, within 7 days of date of delivery of betta's death will void my guaranty. So if you fish was to die, don't procrastinate to email me! Note that the above credit policy is only valid one time. Should your next batch of bettas also die within the week, then it clearly indicates that there is something wrong on your end, with your set-ups, water or the way you handle fish. I will no longer be able to sell you /provide you with fish. I care about each fish I sell and value their lives and cannot send them to homes that are not safe for them.


I will notify you 24 to 48 hrs before the shipping date and will request your permission to ship. Unless I receive such permission via email, I will not ship your bettas. So you will never have to fear that the bettas will be sent without warning. If your temperatures are not optimal for safe shipping, I retain complete control over the decision to ship or to not ship your bettas, meaning that if I say it is too cold to ship and you think it is warm enough, well, we go by what I say. That is because I have more shipping experience than any betta hobbyist out there. So I know when it is safe and when it is not and I will never take any chances with the bettas lives. 



I have always been very lenient with people about my boxes. However, I have found that oftentimes people have totally abused my kindness, carelessly handling my boxes or plain keeping them. Because of them, I have had to create a box policy that would protect me. The policy is simple. When you place your order, you leave a $25 box deposit with me. When you ship the box back, in good condition, and wrapped to protect it from having its Express Mail label torn off, you get your deposit paypaled back to you. I ask that you ship the box back right away because I NEED THEM each week, to fulfill my many orders. If you keep it longer than a week I reserve the right to keep your box deposit.


You hereby agree to wrap and return my box back to me PROMPTLY (within 7 days of delivery) via USPS priority Mail with delivery confirmation or via any other tracked, prompt method (UPS, Fedex OK) and in the same condition it arrived in. You hereby agree to forfeit your box deposit should you not ship the box back within a week or should you lose it or should you not wrap it before mailing it back.

Understand one thing about my insulated shipping boxes: they are very important to me. To you they might look just like any cardboard box. To me they are very precious, costly to purchase, and are indispensable to my business. Without my boxes I cannot ship bettas. If I do not get my boxes back promptly and in good condition, I cannot send other orders out the following week, as planned. It hurts other betta lovers out there who are waiting for their fish, it creates massive logistics problems and it results in losses for my business. So here are some rules about my boxes you must read and comply with:

a)- Shipping boxes are not included in your order total and are not for sale. They remain my property and I am basically graciously lending them to you temporarily for the purpose of receiving your bettas. 

b)- Once you have unpacked the bettas, you have a whole week to ship back my box. Detailed instructions on how to  mail the box back will be located at the top of the box when you open it. I make it easy for you by providing you with Priority Mail tracking labels.

c)- ALL BOXES MUST BE WELL WRAPPED before being mailed. Why? Cause if you don't the nice USPO people will go to town on my poor boxes, tearing all the labeling that no longer pertains (such as my Express Mail labels, and my "Fragile, keep from extreme temperatures" labels, in short all the labels it took me a LOT of time to affix and laminate. Labels that are indispensable to bettas arriving to destination in one piece! Or worse yet, they will stick non-removable stickers all over those labels. Either way, restoring the box back to its original conditional is impossible.

d)- DO NOT PROCRASTINATE and do not ask someone else to do your box mailing chore for you. Invariably they will either forget or not do it right and you get stuck with the bill.

Thousands of repeat customers have received my boxes, then wrapped & mailed them back to me on a timely manner. There is nothing to it. So do it! 



All sales are final. No refunds will be granted for any purchases. Should you no longer be able to receive bettas (for reasons beyond your control such as hospitalization, etc...), I will issue you an open credit for you to get bettas at a later date, whenever you are back in the hobby. If I am unable to send one or more of the bettas you ordered (cause they are now under the weather, a rare but possible problem), then you will be given a 20% off of your next betta order. :)  At my own discretion, I may let you substitute or get an open credit should you simply change your mind about the betta strains you ordered. Open credits can be used any time within a year of issuance. 

Important note about credits: Open credits are valid for a full year and can be applied to ANY lot you want. Because processing each order, emailing back and forth, updating stock page, packing and shipping bettas is very time consuming, and because I must justify my existence, it is necessary for me to ask that you apply your credits only to new orders that meet the minimum $50 purchase (AFTER your credit and any applicable discounts have been applied). This rule applies also to credits issued to resolve a betta mishap, as listed below:



Mishaps are rare, but should one occur, here are my policies on how to resolve it:

1)- A young male you purchased turns out to be a female: This is a very unlikely occurrence. A credit for the full price of the male will be applied to your next order. If you are a first time customer, without references from a known breeder, you must substantiate your claim with a photo clearly showing the egg spot on the male.

2)- A female you purchased turns out to be a late blooming male: This sometimes happens with young bettas. Since males are worth more than females, I probably shouldn't credit anything LOL. However, to compensate you for any inconvenience this may cause, a credit for 50% of the price of the female will be applied to your next order. If you are a first time customer, without references from a known breeder, you must substantiate your claim with a photo clearly showing that the male’s fins have grown.

3)- You receive the wrong betta(s). Should I grab and pack the wrong lot and send it to you, you must notify me immediately. In most cases I will allow you to keep the lot I sent in error, free of charge. I will then ship you your lot at my own expense.

4)- A betta is missing. If I forget to ship one of your bettas and that betta's value is $75 or more, I will ship at my own cost the missing betta to you on the next scheduled shipping date. If the betta value is less than $75, then I will issue an open credit for the value of the missing betta plus an additional 20% (to compensate you for the inconvenience :) ). I will also give you a temporary VIP pass so you have priority over non VIP customers, and can get first pick. Your pass and credit are to be used towards your next order. 



With 70% of my business coming from repeat customers, who buy from me again and again and again, I can say that most people are very satisfied with their order and have a good experience purchasing bettas from me. Having said that, 'stuff happens' as they say, and if we run into problems this is how to handle it: 

bulletALWAYS BE NICE. If you are nice and polite I am much more likely to want to bend backwards for you. If you get rude or aggressive I may very well black list you.
bulletNotify me immediately of the problem via email or phone and give me as much details as possible so I can immediately have a good understanding of the situation.
bulletDo not take any initiative or action until you hear from me (for ex: if you received the wrong lot, don't take the initiative to mail it back to me, simply email me to inform me of the mishap and wait to hear back from me).
bulletReturn to this page and find out what my policies are regarding your specific problem. I always go by the book. Nothing is left to improvisation. Be assured that I will stand behind my bettas and WILL honor my policies, always. 
bulletUnderstand that if it takes me several days to get back to you it is not because I am blowing you off. Blowing off customers in need of assistance makes for very bad business practice. Due to my busy schedule I sometimes don't read emails for a few days. Please do not immediately assume the worst. Have a little FAITH ;). Just in case, you should send me another email, but then patiently wait for me to get back to you.
bulletTrust is important. Without trust, it is impossible to sustain any relationship. 

Note that I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.



I retain ownership of the name of my lines, including but not limited to the Apache line, Gorgeous line, Dreamcatcher line, Holy Grail line, Ivory line, Crystal line and any other line names listed on my website. All names remain my property and are owned by BETTATALK. Usage of my name or my line's names for the purpose of advertising, selling, auctioning or otherwise commercially exploiting your bettas is strictly prohibited. You hereby agree to not use, mention or display the name of my lines, or my name in conjunction with any stock sale you conduct. 

To better understand strain name ownership issues and why I do not grant permission for third parties to use my name/strain names, click here (and it will all make sense!)

(or you will lose everything you've entered so far!!) :((