Deuce of Spades

Faith Granger, hailing from Nice, France, and residing in the US since 1987, is making a hotrod film in Los Angeles with the help of the U.S hotrod community.

Deuce of Spades is the name of Faith Granger's 32 roadster. A couple years ago she set out on a quest to find a nostalgic roadster and after several months of endless searching stumbled upon this little jewel through the local collector car trader magazine. It is love at first sight. One must admit that the car has everything going for it: Built in Minnesota in the seventies, it has a dropped down axle, hairpin suspension, Buick finned drums, Guide headlights, steelies and original 40's ford hubcaps, a louvered hood and the perfect stance.

Under the hood, a 350 chevy with race cam, tri-power and Edelbrock valve covers. Not a single mistake as far as good taste goes. This quintessential nostalgia hotrod is the star of the hotrod film Faith is currently working on. The plot? In 2007, a hotrod girl (played by Faith herself, who is quite photogenic) buys a roadster in which she finds a old letter. This discovery sets her on a quest to find out the history behind the car. She finds out the roadster was built by a young man named Johnny Callaway and that it was the fastest roadster in the area, in 1953.

Several of the scenes take place on the dry lake of El Mirage. The period perfect cars have been provided by the Southern California hotrod community. This hotrod film, which is the first in over 3 decades, has the support of many entities, including the SCTA and the Peterson Museum.

Hotrod celebrities such as Gene Winfield make cameo appearances and the soundtracks promises to be rockin', considering the amount of bands that have volunteered their songs for the film.

It is anticipated that DEUCE OF SPADES will be released around 2009 and we hope that it will end up on a French TV station, with French subtitles. But until then, you can visit the website at