Bettamax   (10 caps)

My all time favorite disease preventative! :) Also great all around betta medication especially after spawning breeders to prevent wound infections etc... Not so good with serious nasty diseases (lacks muscle) :)

Penicillin (10 caps)

Great for some stubborn cases of flesh rot

Kanacyn  (10 caps)

Recommended all around anti bacterial product.

Tetracycline  (10 caps)

My number 1 most used medication for any bacterial outbreak. a MUST have.

Super sulfa  (10 caps)

Fin rot and other fin problems

Neosulfex  (10 caps)

Great for fin rot (also sulfa based).

Ampicillex  (10 caps)

Great for popeye and advanced fin and body rot. I use it a lot.

Hex-a-mit   (10 caps)

The only internal parasite cure out there. Another MUST have for any betta breeder, especially if you feed live food to your bettas.

Vitamix Plus (1 oz concentrated formula)

Packed with essential vitamins (including vitamin E for breeding and Bs for fin growth and regeneration) and minerals. Super potent: 1 drop per gallon is all you need. Great for stimulating fry growth or conditioning breeders.

  MARDEL LINE store price

Maroxy   (1 oz.)

Great product to prevent egg fungus and good all around disease preventative

    Maracide   (1 oz.)

Clears Velvet super fast! I love this product

  JUNGLE  LINE store price

Fungus Eliminator  (2.1/2 oz.)

The best product for fin rot in my opinion. The crystal form makes it easy to treat jarred bettas! 


Still the best ich treatment I know. Use as a preventative and add every time you condition your water to stop parasites cold in their tracks ;).



Also heavy duty external parasite great medication