meet my trailer...


YEEEHAAAAA ! I finally bought my very own tiny - itsy - bitsy - little - compact - light - weight - easy - to - tow - has - all - the - comfort - all - the - bells - all - the - whistles - cute - as - a - button - won't - cost - a - thing - to - store TRAVEL TRAILER.

Oh and did I mention: It is SMALL? :)  
Cause size matters (just not quite the way you thought LOL). 

There will be no hauling of any HUGE trailer monstrosity for me. Why?  Cause I'm smarter than that!


            Searching, searching, searching (and not finding)

When I set out to purchase a smaller travel trailer, I had been smitten by a little old trailer parked in my neighborhood that was about 12 feet long and cute as a button. And I thought to myself: "Now, wouldn't it be cool to have me one of them little guys to travel on my lonesome and explore the world with" (well, maybe not the world, but I'll settle for Southern California LOL). You guys know me, I don't futts around so as soon as that thought had traveled across my mind, the brain sent the order to my limbs and set my body in motion and I immediately started searching the net, e-bay, trade magazines etc etc in search for the perfect little trailer for me.

Mmmmm. Turned out to be MUCH harder to find than I thought. Small trailers seemed to be a thing of the past and back in the 70's were very popular. Regrettably, they went extinct in the 80's, like the small dinosaurs :).  The only few used ones I bumped into were so old they were falling apart, taking water or had none of the luxuries (not sure if you can call a toilet a luxury, but I'll let you be the judge of that LOL)  I soon realized I would want (if this was to be a long term relationship ;) ). Anyone else would have given up. But as Mr. 181 once said (rightly): "You are a resilient little beast" :)) hehehe.. Giving up was not an option. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER!  My budget started stretching from the initial low ball '$2000 should get me something' and soaring up, up , up at warp speeds LOL. My ebay searches for used units were coming back empty :(... My phone calls to ALL local dealers were completely useless. "Small trailer? Yes we have small trailers. I have the perfect nice small 67 feet long one here for you"). (dealers: clueless as always haha! ;)

My initial "failure" only made me want one more (cause I couldn't have one  - funny how our brain works LOL). GRRRR... Bouncing from site to site on the net I finally accidentally (or was it?) landed on a "just been sold" classified add which displayed a brand recent 2003 model (YES?????) only 13 feet long with EVERYTHING on it one can imagine. It was love at first sight! There was the perfect little guy for me (well, perfect except for the fact that it was already sold (and not to ME >8[] - but that's just petty details LOL)... I noted the make and model number and off I was on a new hunt cycle. At least now I knew exactly what I was hunting for!

Luckily for me (and for Mr.181's sanity) ("If I hear you talk one more time about trailers I will leave you!") Southern California dealers had JUST gotten smart and a few had started carrying the line, hence alleviating the urge to drive to Texas to get a trailer (and waste $1500 in the process)... I was elated :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). By then my $2000 budget had stretched to the breaking point ($9000) but I had located a brand new 2005 model discounted cause it had been used for 3 months or so... OK, you are right, it wasn't "Brand new" then was it? Well, you could have fooled me! I could not pass this opportunity which was to put the latest model and a new ( or just about) trailer within my price range (as oppose to the $13,000 it should have cost) hehehehehehe..


Introducing Little Houdini, the tiny travel trailer with a HUGE heart...


Without further due let me introduce.... (drum roll)   

HOU-DI-NI (ni ni ni ni - echo) the Little travel trailer with a big heart. (Or is it a big butt? Big white butt that is hehe.) 

Houdini is a 2005 SHADOW CRUISER  Fun Finder T-139 :). 
Yop. That's what he is. 

He is a tiny trailer measuring only 14.9 feet from tail to tongue, with a 7 feet wide rear end  (I told you he had a big butt LOL). Houdini is also tall: 8.1 feet and that's not counting his little vents, AC system and antennas :). 

Looking at Houdini from the outside he appears to be minuscule. So small you want to wrap your arms around him (and it seems like you just about could!) and give him a kiss! However once you step in, one is surprised at just how much room there seems to be inside.
 And look at all the stuff inside! How can they fit ALL of this in such a TINY trailer? Magic, my friends, magic :)... 

Is that why I called him Houdini ? Not really. The name came because "Houdini, master of Escape" seems to illustrate my intense desire to break away from my routine and work and go find the fun :)... Wherever it might be!  After all, Houdini is a Fun Finder !  

OK, so now you are dying to check Houdini out :). Let me first share a few photos from my Houdini photo album :), then I'll guide you to a grand tour of the little guy :). 


NOTE: click on any photo below  to view the full version...

DSC00685.JPG (53204 bytes)

and they drove into the sunset...

and lived happily ever after...

(The Bronco/Houdini combo. I actually think the Bronco is bigger than the trailer LOL)

DSC00647.JPG (141979 bytes)

Houdini on his Maiden voyage, barely 3 days after delivery :). Yop, cute as a button.

DSC00715.JPG (151395 bytes)

Houdini is at home ANYWHERE. Here at Lake Elsinore, basking in greenery...

DSC00757.JPG (152192 bytes)

Here, roughing it up in Gorman, basking in dirt, rocks and hounded by no less than 5000 speed crazed motorcyclists!

None of which fazed him. ;)

The huge awning provides ample shade for Mr.181, myself and my Enduro Honda.

DSC01432.JPG (135230 bytes)

Here, at a rest stop on the way to San Diego at seven in the morning :)...


DSC01438.JPG (146275 bytes)

Here, by the Mexican border at a plush RV park where he made lots of friends. Always the smallest trailer around and always the one everyone wants to check out LOL.


DSC01437.JPG (146969 bytes)

It will take approximately 30 to 50 minutes to set-up camp. Including parking, chocking tires, leveling,  unhitching, stabilizing, setting up inside, opening outside awning and windows and setting up the outside table and chairs... Then you are done and left with pretty much a whole lot of relaxing to do! :)

DSC01436.JPG (153998 bytes)

Opening up the famous big awning is an easy task,  I never think twice about using it!! AND it is very large, especially when considering how small the trailer is. I really like the awning a lot (can you tell?). 


fun finding.JPG (86726 bytes)

Snuggling time for Houdini and I.

Shot of the big butt
(I was talking about Houdini! LOL) ready to be hauled wherever the Fun might be...


DSC01434.JPG (146787 bytes)

So, where will you go?

DSC00688.JPG (147079 bytes)

What adventures will you have? 



DSC00651.JPG (111333 bytes)

The world is the limit... 

What are you waiting for? (darn it)


As you can see Houdini is very compact. He is by far the smallest brand new trailer anyone around here has ever seen! People flock to check out this novelty, want a tour, ask questions, offer to buy it hehe (AS IF!!) and all in all Houdini  turns heads way more than all the big luxury liners LOL. Always people are amazed at:
a)- how small it is outside

b)- how big it feels inside

c)- how cozy and well equipped it is

So exactly how cozy and well equipped is he? Let me show you! I'll take you on a little tour :). Just click on Houdini (right), return to the main navigation page and select "visit the inside" :)).


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