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                     11/08/06- Every Wednesday nights the folks in Simi Valley get together to share
       cool cars and good food. not sure which I love more: Food? Or cool cars? I decide to pack my
     empty, hungry stomach and my best smile and to head out to Simi Valley, on a hot date with my roadster. Hiboy and I are never picky: Any night is a good night to cruise! Heck if it was up to us we would spend every minute of the day, every day of the week, every week of the month and (yes you've guessed it) every month of the year, every year of our lives, CRUISING. Regrettably, one has to pay them bills (which, incidentally, seem to have blossomed and multiplied ever since I bought a hotrod LOL), so one has to spend a large amount of precious time WORKING :((((. Blah!

But tonight we leave our worries (bills, work and weight gain) behind and head out to Hometown Buffet, on the corner of Cochran and Eringer in Simi Valley, CA. This is a revolving cruise night, meaning it changes location every week. A hop over the grade and a few miles of freeway driving (yuck) later, Hiboy and I emerge, alive and in one piece, on the other side of the mountains. We cruise down Los Angeles Blvd and I am not sure which is singing louder at this point: the Stray Cats on my stereo? Hiboy's tailpipes? Or my hungry stomach LOL... Regardless, this symphony of odd noises, rumbles and gargles finally lands at Hometown Buffet. I spot a prime empty parking space and a quick maneuver and swift backing up later, I am all set.

This is a relatively small cruise night gathering, but as always everyone there is very nice and we feel welcomed and immediately at Home (Town buffet LOL). People come to check out the new comer and dissect Mr. Hiboy's cool headlights, finned drums and steering wheel. We talk cars for a while. The old timers are surprised to hear a "younger" lady talk in details about guide 682-C, progressive linkage, vacuum and performance cams. It's not that I really know what I am talking about, I just sound like I know what I am talking about hehe... No, but seriously, I have been learning a LOT over the last few months and it shows. Soon my hungry growling stomach dominates the conversation and I have to swiftly retreat inside the restaurant to locate a quick fix to the large, bottomless abyss now prevailing in my belly.


The food is actually not bad at all. And the nice people who run the place give all the classic car owners a 50% off the dinner price! Cool. I'll surely be back! I need to save money now, cause I'm poor, remember? I am a hotrod owner!! LOL

By the time I am done refueling, everyone outside has left. Something I said?? :) Those folks come early, and leave even earlier. So one word of advice if you want to check this nice little cruise night: Come early (like 5PM or so). And remember it's not every week, so call first!

Well, now it's my turn to head home. I hop in my ski pants and zip up my thick ski jacket. This is going to be a cold ride home. But that's Ok, I don't mind cause I have Hiboy to keep my heart warm, and when the heart is warm, everything is warm! Bye Bye Hometown Buffet! See you again soon!




Cool cars and good food at Hometown Buffet, Simi Valley. What more could one ask for?

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