Hiboy's fanmail

          Every now and then someone will send us a nice email of support. I thought I'd share some here. It's good to know there are people out there who appreciate the work and efforts Hiboy and I make to contribute - to the best of our limited abilities - to the hotrod hobby. We know it's not much, but it comes from the heart and that's what matters.
I once was standing next to Hiboy behind my local Post Office. A 78 year old man walking by stopped dead in his tracks. I saw his face light up. Then he walked up to us and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek: "Thank you for bringing back so many wonderful memories..." he said, his eyes shining with tears of emotion. I was deeply touched. I am glad that I am able to bring back a long gone era and touch people, educate people, inspire people, surprise people and charm people... So that more will fall in love with these beautiful cars and learn to give them the appreciation they so rightfully deserve.









































I am very impressed with your quest and passion for your/our hobby,
if hobby is even the correct word. There is some kind of a bond with
car people that defies logic, but it is there. Your website is also very
good, I like your way of showing that “Highboy” is more than a
mechanical entity,,, you project a vision, a soul and a even a being into Highboy,,,, very interesting.  I also share a bit of those feelings with some of the projects I was fortunate enough to be able to do.  I always felt a little bit of me left with each project at completion,,, but it was a good bit,,,, so it seems you are correct in your understandings.


Note from Faith: Woaw, I am so very honored by this email! I met Dan Fink at the Grand National Roadster Show 2007 and I was so very impressed with him. He is the nicest, down to earth, humble man I have met and he took time out of his luncheon banquet to go check my little Hiboy out and confirmed i do have one of his early  windshields on it :)...

You have a very nice deuce there. I loved your website and added it to my favorites, so I can keep up with your adventures. It looks to be good reading. My girlfriend thought it was cool to see  a woman into this
hobby. She knew they were out there, but this was the first time she had read first hand experiences. Keep up the good work!

Fred and Kolbrun
Location: unkown

Perfect enough!

Dang! A pretty girl with her own hot rod! If you could cook, and I was younger, I'd be California bound tomorrow. Aaah, what the heck. In nearly 60 years, I've learned to cook for myself. And you probably wouldn't let me drive anyway.

Seriously, it's a breath of fresh air to see you on the forum. Don't ever stop being a hot rod girl!

Location: Eston, SK

Bravo for your site and your car ! J'adore !

Location: France

Very nice hi-boy, definitely one of my favorite cars next to my Model-T of course. I have been car crazy since I was a very young girl I am now 32 and just driving the wheels off of my T that my Dad gave me this summer. He originally got the car when I was 6 years old and just completed it 2 yrs  ago and then gave it to me. Pretty spoiled I guess but definitely worth it. I live in Langley B.C which is the hot rod capitol of Canada, lots of fun
cruising around in the summer time, lots of nice rides out there. Have fun with your car that's what it was built for, very cool website.

Take care,

Location: B.C, Canada


Say Faith,
Were / are you a writer in another life? Like is writing your day job? (Not to pry) , but your prose is witty & fun to read.

Jim aka 41
Location: Port Townsend, WA
Hey, Just a note to say that I really enjoy reading your web site about hiboy, it really seems the two of you are meant for each other, I feel that you saved hiboy from the lost world of 32s !!! I love my car just like you love hiboy and I talk about my car just the way you talk about hiboy (she's my girl)  ! I was at the primers when you drove hiboy into the show and it was really cool seeing your goggles/ leather jacket and helmet… I was really glad to see you win as well… I hope to meet you some day and also check out hiboy a little closer, after reading your web-site I feel like I know him really well already !!! I’m sure you will be at the Peterson next month right ?


Hi Faith,

I'm Glenn from Florence Ms. and just kinda stumbled across your website.

I joined the Club Hot Rod site and was just reading threads and came across one of your posts. You had a link to your website and since you were a lady hotrodder I was very intrigued. I guess I was curious to see if you were a real hotrodder or just a wanna be. Well anyway I went to your site and read every word you posted. It was a wonderful read. I must say I was very impressed, not only with your passion for the hobbie, but your knowledge as well. You are very articulate, do you have a background in journalism?

Those are some great stories about you and your hi-boy. I think that's too cool for a lady to be that passionate about a hot rod. Kinda unheard of really. I'm building a 29 Model A Tudor right now. My daily driver is a 85 Corvette. The "A" is gonna be full fendered, all steel with a 3" chop on the top. I've got a 77 Vette doner car that I pulled  the 350 and 350 turbo trans out of for it. It's got a Fat man IFS front end and I'm not sure about the rear end yet. Might put the Vette rear end in it or go with a triangulated 4 link and narrowed 9 "Got a ways to go yet but I can't wait to drive it.  

P.S. You are drop dead gorgeous.    

Location: Florence, MS


Juste un petit mail pour vous dire que votre site est génial, a chaque nouvelles aventures vous me faite rêver,

(Just a quick email to say that I love your website and your adventure always make me dream...)

 je suis un ultra passionné de Hot Rod et plus particulièrement de Ford 32 roadster,

(I am an avid hotrodder and love the 1932 ford roadster)

 Encore bravo ! je suis complètement fan de vos ballades.

(Once again Bravo! I love reading about your cool cruises)

 Cordialement ,


Didier de Riols de Fonclare, Le mans, FRANCE

Found a link to you from hotrodders.com.  You have a great web site. I enjoyed your photos and travels as well as your highboy. You seem very energetic and looks like your having a wonderful time. Now I'm ready to travel in my old street rod (when it gets finished.)  Keep up the great work, good luck to yoU in all your endeavors.
Hi, I'll try and keep it short. Wow! Let me repeat that........WOW!
Your talents seem endless, you have honored Him by making the most of the gifts he and your folks have given you. You go girl!
First off, my wife and I own a pristine (3rd owners) 69 Chevelle Malibu Sports Coupe that is bone original except for the drive train. Its Dover White with dark blue interior and its license plate reads: GHOSTBU......get it - kinda silly? Anyway, it runs a 350hp 350, TH350 tranny (soon replaced with a 700R for the OD and lower first gear) & 3.55 with posi. We're members of Cruisin' North Car Club here in Sonoma County. I've attached a small file pix........I couldn't help myself!
Your hiboy is way sweet and appears to be done the way a hotrod should be....Old School! Nice job on it, nice car and very hot website!
Next, few months back I discovered FunFinder trailers, now known as Cikira RV. While surfing for info on small, light trailers I also found your Houdini Home website. As a former journalist (ABC News SF cameraman, retired 2 1/2 yrs ago) I'm drawn to good writing, storytelling, graphics, pictures etc. Things that no longer exist in TV which is why I bailed when I could. This will seem like paying you a huge ego stroke, not my intention, but your webmaster skills are outstanding............across the board!!!!
We've been toying with the idea of a small travel trailer and the 16 foot Cikira model is the one for us. The Houdini Home site with great pictures, "like we are there" narrative was what sold us on this company. Yeah........they should be paying you for what you've done for them! We really enjoyed the website, all of your hints and ideas and terrific layout. Again, awesome job!
I am simply compelled to tell you how much we've enjoyed your various sites. I've gotta go now, I want to download your hotrod song! Happy camping, happy cruisin', happy music.....happy happy!

Tom & Diane Owens, CA

Very interesting your garage sale discovery, I just wish my 32 had been as nice as yours. My 32 came to me from Ohio, a Gibbons body, TCI frame, 350/350 combo. It was a real piece of work. Not the way I would build a 32 Hiboy. I started by just looking at the car to see what needed to be changed to make me happy. Alot.
First the HUGE 4x4 wheels and tires to some period looking Cokers with wide white, 48 Ford caps and rings, with red wheels. Then the interior, the steering wheel to a flat track four spoke, Gennie swan neck shifter, Dynamat to kill some of the echoing, lots of little things.

I finally finished, and it just was not looking right. I traded for a 29 Ford 2dr sedan with 4 inch chop, all steel full fendered. Currently I have the 29 and a 31 Ford roadster pickup. They are both Henry Ford steel.
Love your site and your hiboy. Maybe I will meet you and hiboy in the future, planning to make it for the LA roadster show in Pomona, June 17-18th.

Craig C. Laughlin


Hi, My name is Mario and I said hello to you about a month or so ago at Bob's in Burbank on a Friday night.
Your 32 looks sweet! I think it is so cool that you drive your ride everywhere. Just wanted to say hello again and hope to see you and your ride soon again.

Take care,

Mario, CA

Hello HiBoy Girl,
You may not remember me, but I'm Tfeverfred and I sent you a couple emails some time ago. Well, I saw your post on the HAMB and read about the movie you had started working on and tonight I am reading about the progress. I have just two words. YOU RAWK! This movie is going to be soooo cool! I may be mistaken, but I don't think there has been a Hot Rod movie made in a looooooong time. I hope it comes out soon.
I got the engine for my T today and all is well in my universe. Kolbrun (my girl) says you are an inspiration, as she has be bitten by the Hot Rod bug since she started helping me.
Well, that's all. I just wanted to wish you well with your project and let you know what you are doing is a great thing.
your fan,
Just wanted to say, Wow! I've been following your progress on your film and REALLY admire your dedication. (kinda makes me fall in love with you a little bit! haha!) I wish I could contribute more to your project, as I have always had a dream of being on the big screen. But being in MN makes that a little difficult for me and my car! I just wanted to wish you all the luck and thank you for what you are doing. I wish I could do more than that and if you think of anything a guy up here can do for you, don't hesitate to ask!

-Ryan B.




u Right: Photo by Alan Greene , who's Automotive fine art
can be viewed and purchased at www.asgphotowerks.com