Harbor Run 2006


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                     09/10/06- This car show, set against a ventura marina backdrop, was too tempting
        to pass. So Hiboy and I decided to return to Ventura that sunday and show off a little :).

Woke up before dawn and hit the road at sunrise. It was a magnificent sight to cherish forever: A glorious sun rising over the mountains while we cruised through endless fields of crops in Oxnard. The air was fresh, filled with the scent of grass, wet earth and herbs. You have never seen a sunrise until you see it while at the wheel of a 1932 roadster :). That was a nice treat.

A little less nice was the huge line of cars waiting to get through the gates of the car show. A little over 150 cars maybe more? And only one woman driver there hehe (yours truly). We were somehow able to get a spot on the grass and enjoyed a sunny, yet cool day right on the marina. We didn't come home with any trophies but did gather an impressive amount of compliments, which felt just as good. Oh, and I got to wear my new Lucky 13 retro vixen dress hehehehe...






I'm too sexy for my dress, too sexy for my dress, so sexy it hoirts :)


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