San Fransisco Bay Brand freeze-dried bloodworms or brine shrimp

This is the best freeze-dried food on the market and the only freeze-dried food I would feed my bettas. It is easy to feed especially in jar situations, does not sink or cloud the water, and when crushed between your fingers, this food is great for fry 6 weeks or older. The freeze-dried process locks all the nutrients in the food.  Unlike frozen food which can still carry some bacteria and internal parasites, the freeze-dried food is sterile and will not cause a bacterial or parasite outbreak in your fishroom. Disease wise it is the safest to use. howwver it will not promote growth or good finnage so I do not recommend it to grow juvenile bettas on. It is a good addition to their diets or good for adult bettas. It is also very easy to add a drop of vitamins to it, because the freeze-dried food will soak up the vitamins without falling apart.

The only problem is that freeze-dried bloodworms can get pretty darn expensive to buy at your local fish store. I recommend staying away from the small packs of 1 g of freeze-dried bloodworms  ($1.99 to $2.99 :(   ) and getting a larger can instead. It won't go bad and will be (proportionally) MUCH cheaper that way. 

Warning: Feeding only freeze dried foods to your bettas may result in prolapsed rectums. (A condition in which the fish's intestine starts sticking out of its body). Hence alternate with softer foods, such as frozen foods.

San Fransisco Bay Brand freeze-dried plankton

(28g) portion

A varied well balanced diet is a most important ingredient to your betta's health. My bettas have approved the addition of this new product to the Breeder's Market page :). Easy to crush between your finger, the freeze dried plankton smells good and my bettas went for it with a smile on their little fishy faces. Suitable for all adult bettas. A good product to add to your next food order. Careful, there are some sharp parts to the plankton's shell, and it may sting your fingers if you crush too hard. (aoutch!).

  Tetra's freeze-dried daphnia (14g)       

This new product, which was just reviewed on the BETTATALK radio show, will provide your bettas  with the fiber they so greatly need, especially if you feed them live worms. Highest fiber content amongst all freeze dried foods. Will not sink or pollute, low in fat. Feed once a week to your bettas to improve digestion and prevent bloating and swimbladder problems. Drawback: Many bettas won't eat it (fussy fussy fussy!). Best when fed in the context of a community tank where fish compete for food and tend to gobble up ANYTHING before their siblings get to it. (in this case, a good thing :)) ).


  BettaMin (.81 oz)        

  For those of you who got pet store bettas who won't eat anything else,  or if you only have a couple of bettas, this might be a good food option for you. This food is specifically designed for bettas. I personally wouldn't feed a betta only that, and certainly would never attempt to raise fry on Bettamin.