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PenPlaxx net 3" 

My net size of choice for fishing bettas out of bowls or barracks. Deep so betta won't fall out, extra soft mesh material will not hurt the scales. I like :)! Second nature is no longer making these nets :((( so I now get the PenPlaxx ones, which are very similar in softness. 

  PenPlaxx soft net 5" 

This is the one I use for doing water changes on my jars. Deep so betta won't fall out, extra soft mesh material won't hurt the scales or delicate finnage while manipulating the betta, and plastic hook for easy hanging. I highly recommend.


Second Nature brine shrimp net 4" 

A must have to wash your icky slimy smelly live worms. (yuk). 


 Fishnet disinfectant

 10 drops in a 1/2 gal jar will disinfect all your fish nets. Just "dip 'em & rinse 'em"  for an overnight treatment that will keep your nets free of diseases and prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and parasites through your fishroom. A must do before each jar cleaning session :), and a must have if you care about your betta's health. WARNING: Highly poisonous so keep away from pets that might decide to drink from the fishnet tub (and get stiff on you :(((  ).