Primer Nationals 2006


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                     09/01/06- Hiboy and I decided to take a crack at a first car show and when we
       heard that the Primer Nationals were going to take place in Ventura that week-end, we
     decided to make a go for it. After all what the heck, why not aim high? :)

This was a huge national show so what a great way to get my feet wet! Turned out I was going to get a little more than just my feet!!!

We set off at sunset, taking the back way (the old 118 freeway) to Ventura, which was a heavenly drive. The aroma of planted herbs mixed with the scent of freshly watered fields... 45 minutes later we reached the ocean and followed Highway 1 along the coastline... I could see the moon reflecting on the surf, smiling at us like a good fairy... We set up camp right on the beach and Hiboy spent his first night under the stars. It's a good thing he got a good night sleep, because a big week-end awaited him!

Up before sunrise we rode back to the Ventura fairgrounds, amidst a large herd of rat rods, hotrods and a few stock classics. I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of cool old cars there. Many female owners had brought their cars to try to win the "woman owner" class. I counted a good 30 cars, including a couple of outstanding old roadsters. But we did not see many Deuce roadsters at the show and found only two hiboys.

After I was done shopping on Sunday (bought some parts for Hiboy) I walked back to my car and found that the nice gal next to me had a great big red ribbon on her T-Bucket that read: 2d place. I looked at Hiboy and he had nothing. We looked at each other and shrugged: "Oh well, it was worth a try!"

"Congrats on your second place!" I told my neighbor (I was really happy for her, she is a great gal and a friend) "I wonder who won First place?" - Her husband looks at me and smiles: "YOU DID!" 

I just about fell over. ???????? "What do you mean I did? but... There's nothing on my car!"
He explained: "You got a little round sticker on your headlight. That means you won 1rst place in your class and you will get your trophy during the closing ceremony".


Pinch me! I must be dreaming!!! My very first hotrod, just got it, our first car show, a huge national show and WE WIN FIRST PLACE???

Must be beginner's luck!! :)))

 The show officials asked me to move Hiboy and park it next to the other 6 winners (1 winner in each of the seven classes). The best 7 cars were be on display until the awards. Boy were we proud! At around 3 PM or so they asked the 7 winners to get up on stage and a lovely pin up girl handed us our trophies! Everything felt a bit surreal, like a dream. Hotrod magazines took photos as I was given my trophy and I gave them my best 40's pin-up pose :).

Then Hiboy and I were reunited once more and the sparks were flying like never before!




















Hiboy and I consumated our union with a nice FIRST PLACE trophy!



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