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              04/07/07- Hiboy must have been busy promoting himself while I had my back turned.
      I think he is connecting to the internet from the garage while I am at work... Hey, it's not like
    he is lacking power sockets and extention cords, the garage is filled with them... I know he's been up to something, that little rascal, because last friday when I arrived at my local car cruise night spot, more than one person stopped me to say:
"Hey! Do you know your car's photo is in the current issue of DRIVE! magazine?"

I was like: "??????????????????????"

Then I said something like: "Are you SURE?"

Oh they were sure alright... After running to the table where free DRIVE! magazines were awaiting and grabbing me a copy and flipping real quick through it all, I was sure, too.

There it was. A picture of the culprit, comfortably lounging on his very own private little beach... Sipping on a cool glass of Coca Cola... Reading a vintage 1950's hotrod magazine... Basking in the sunlight... No, I meant basking in the spotlight.. Literally! And of course no sight of me. Somehow Hiboy had managed to take a shot of himself and submit it to the magazine, unbeknownst to me... I was not sure whether I should be elated or pissed off. I glanced at him and there he was, sitting quietly in his parking spot, on the far end of the parking lot, looking innocent as ever... Was he whistling? Oh he knew he was caught alright!


I walked straight to him. He shifted his weight from one tire to the other... Obviously feeling a bit uneasy... And he should!

"What is this?" I said, pointing an accusing finger at the photo... Hiboy's headlights flickered ever so slightly , but I noticed it...

"Ah, you are lying to me!" I said. See, my extensive experience LOL with boys has taught me that if they blink while vehemently denying they cheated on you, that means they did cheat on you.

I took a deep breath... After all, I could understand why the little guy would have wanted to be in the DRIVE! magazine, especially since the article covered the Grand National Roadster Show and that ou tof hundreds of show cars, only but a few had been selected to be pictured in the issue...

"Well... Why didn't you say you wanted to get a little attention? I would have helped you..."

Come to think about it, I realized as soon as I said it that my remark was dumb. Hiboy obviously didn't need my help, he had done a fine job by his lonesome. :) I should have probably remained pissed off at him for the rest of the night but I love him too much, so I forgave him quasi instantly... I looked at the article again and a sense of pride descended upon me... My little guy, pictured in the GNRS coverage of DRIVE! magazine... How cool is that?

PS: And for real now, I think the reporter liked my beach display - and he should! It only took us 6 hours to haul and lay down 400 lbs of sand! - and so they published the photo... But don't tell that to Hiboy, he thinks they published it solely on his DAZZLING GOOD LOOKS... And that's fine by me...

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the Suede palace had no less than 60 cars on display, maybe more? so I was proud to see hiboy was picked.

here is hard evidence of Hiboy's crime hehe...

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