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Methylene Blue  (4 oz.)

Can't call yourself a breeder if you don't have a bottle of Methy Blue somewhere in your fishroom!! Use when receiving new stock or anytime the betta's health might be in question. This is a good disease preventative and can be used every time you add new water. Will not hurt fish. 1 drop per 1/4 jar OK (I do it all the time).


Wide Spectrum Tonic   (4 oz.)

 A life saver when your bettas look "unhappy" but you are not sure why. 
This stuff hits all three bacterial, fungal and parasites in a "triple-whammy-death- to-the-enemy" fashion that usually gets my bettas back to normal pronto. Use it as a preventative or when things turn sour in your fishroom. I very very highly recommend this product. Not suitable to treat advanced stages of a disease, but great to prevent or to treat an unidentified ailment.