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                     09/23/06- Up at the crack of dawn the next morning, Hiboy and I were excited. So
       here we were, cruising Orange county now! I turned the ignition switch, hit the start button
     and Hiboy was right there for me. We quietly (well, as quietly as a hotrod can go LOL) sneaked out of the complex and made a quick coffee/gasoline stop to recharge our batteries. We reached the fairground bright and early and made a lovely addition to the long line of classic cars waiting to get through the gates :). My brotherins do wake up early, don't they!

As the gates opened for us, it was like heaven! 3500 gorgeous cars of all makes, models and years! To my surprise luck had it that my parking spot was just next to another Hiboy who looked like a twin brother to mine! Except it was in mint brand new condition and entirely made of new repro parts. Oh, and it was glossy black. The owner was very nice and we talked a bit and I learned that his roadster had been built by So Cal Speed shop. Across form us was an original Henry Ford Stock 32 roadster (complete with cowl vent and fenders) which was a great treat! We all set-up camp and soon I was wandering around the fairgrounds through a labyrinth of vendors and cars. Made many important contacts, plus a few cool purchases and four hours and one yucky hamburger later, I returned to my roadster who I was starting to really miss!

"Hey Hiboy, whadaya say we go cruising a little?"

I could swear he started wagging his tail lights and judging at how he purred when I started the engine, I could tell he was dying to show off!

And show off he did! Actually and in all sincerity I think that having THAT MUCH fun is probably illegal. As we cruised the fairground, following the long line of "cruisers", everybody and anybody there who was old enough to carry a camera stopped us to take our picture. In fact, I think that every household in Orange County now has our photo LOL. I have never in my entire life had so much attention in a 45 minute time span. Not even when I headlined with my rock band at the Whisky. Wow! What a kick: Two of the actors that stared in "America Graffiti" were there and they just waved at me as I drove by!! How cool is that?? also stopped me and pulled me over to take a large number of photos and told me they want to make a story about us. Hiboy and I were flattered. The only problem is that my head started swelling so much that my aviator cap seams tore open LOL.

At the end of the day we packed up and returned to Marcelle, where a nice home cooked Lebanese dinner awaited us :). The next morning Hiboy and I hit the road, cruising PCH all the way from Laguna Beach to LA. By then we were confident that we would make it home without any problems and the ride home only took us 4 hours (including lunch break).








having that much fun should be ILLEGAL !!

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