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                     09/22/06- Hiboy and I heard about a cool event taking place in Orange county,
      called "Cruise for a cure". 3500 classic cars were expected to gather at the OC fairgrounds to
     raise funds for prostate cancer research. Although neither Hiboy nor I were at risk of ever having any prostate problems LOL, we felt it was a worthy cause and sure sounded like a fun event. But Costa Mesa was a lot further than we had ever traveled, especially on surface streets! Would we make it in one piece? Would we break down on the way there? How long would it take us? We weighed the many risks and the more of them we found, the more challenging the trip sounded. In the end, we just looked at each other, shrugged it all away and simply said: "What the heck, LET'S DO IT!".


We decided to take the scenic route down to Orange County and to seek refuge at our good friend Marcelle, who's guest room was as open to me as her garage was to Hiboy. We packed light and hit the road early on Friday, traveling down Ventura Blvd, then Sepulveda, then Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Long beach. We stopped along the way to do some sight seeing, including the Veteran's cemetery, Redondo beach Pier (for a yummy cup of Clam chowder) and an additional stop to screw the steering column back in place (toolboxes: never leave home without them!) LOL. The sky was heavy with dark clouds but it didn't fade us. We had Faith and rain did not fall that day. Near Long Beach we got stuck in unimaginable traffic! I kept an eye on hiboy's temperature gage but the roadster kept his cool (literally LOL), reading his usual 160F. We then shot across the valley to reach the old town of Orange, where we visited C.W Moss, a cool hotrod shop filled with roadster parts. Hiboy was quite a hit! I got a new latch, license plate frame, battery disconnect unit, high beam switch and a few other much needed nick nacks. By then we had been on the road for 8 hours already. We cruised further West to visit an old friend of mine and then shot South to finally reach marcelle's home at around 8PM. Thanks to my Thomas guide, we never got lost. I have to say I am pretty darn handy with maps, probably the reward of living in so many different countries since age 10. I sure was happy to pull into Marcelle's garage, after 10.5 hours spent cruising. She had ousted her husband's car to the outside parking lot, giving Hiboy all the room he needed to stretch his tired, sore little tires :).

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can't undertake an early morning cruise without COFFEE !!

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