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      Algae Pad scrubber 

How else are you going to keep that nasty looking green or brown algae off your tank's surface? Gotta scrub :)). This is the tool. Cheap so you won't mind replacing it often, which will prevent you from contaminating new spawning tanks.

    3 brush set 

In order to get the goo out of your power filters tubings, you are going to need these flexible round brushes. They go in where no man has gone before LOL. And out comes the goo. A good idea to have one set handy for those tank cleaning chores.

     Slim vacuum cleaner 

Have to have a few of these to clean your fry tanks and other betta tanks. The slim tubing insures that water flow is gentle so fry will not easily be vacuumed. Great to clean out uneaten food at the bottom. Has a self starting feature but I personally prefer to not use it.



Python tank cleaning system (25') 

Attaches to your kitchen faucet and will self start and vacuum your tank's water directly into your sink. No sucking on the tube and swallowing of yucky fish water required LOL.   The junk at the bottom gets vacuumed out effortlessly and you don't even have to haul a single bucket of water! (boy, I LOVE that part!). Then you use the same system to fill your tank back up with tap water and add your conditioners directly into your tank. It's safe, I do it all the time. Doing regular 20% water changes will be a breeze with this system. If you don't already have one, I question your sanity LOL. Drawback: a good way to pass a disease from tank to tank if you are not careful!!
PS: this to the left is NOT me. :)