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              12/21/06- Jingle bells, jingle bells... Can you believe it is Christmas already? Where did
      the rest of the year go? I guess time flies while you're having FUN FUN FUN with a 32 roadster! :). I've been too busy to decorate my house this year and put up my Christmas lights :( so I decide I would shmooch my dose of Christmas spirit off of other people's hard work hehe: And look at THEIR lights! I'm in luck: My good friend Gary calls me and invites me to join a small group of his friends who are putting together a Christmas light cruise for the third year in a row... SIGN ME UP. It is freezing cold of course, and the cruise will take place later at night, which means I probably won't be back home until midnight... But that's just petty details. I'm TOUGH. I can handle it (I hope??).

For the occasion I decide to go dig a bit in the garage and come back with my good old silk and down Swiss Ski overall, which I bought in Geneva back in the 80's... It's a wonder it still fits me like a glove... Well, that should do the trick? That, along with no less than 6 more layers of clothes...

The day of the cruise I drive my hotrod to work since I am closer then to the cruise destination: Valencia. cool. I've never been to Valencia via side streets before, that owed to be entertaining. While at work I google map and plan my route of escape... It's now 3PM and time to rock n' roll! In the parking lot a strange ritual takes place, guarantied to give my office neighbors something to talk about (all week LOL). "Tom, check out this weird girl standing next to the even weirder car down there: She is getting dressed in the parking lot and by the looks of it, she's going to SIBERIA".

Close enough ;): I'm going to Valencia to spend the night driving in an open, unheated roadster that doesn't even have windows. And so the layer ceremony begins: A T-shirt and pants, then a sweater then another sweater, then ski socks, then a ski overall, then a ski jacket and then another water proof ski jacket. oh and then my scarf, head mask and aviator cap.


This is insane!! I think I need therapy.. Lots and lots of therapy LOL...Now I feel quite warm, but I look like an Eskimonian Astronaut! And I can barely move... Gracious and limber as a penguin, I hobble into my hotrod and manage to drive off, somehow... LOL I zip up Sepulveda and then hook to Balboa and soon I am over the hill and come to the Sepulveda pass. The road is pretty from there on, winding alongside state parks and ranches... Ah the lovely scent of manure on a crisp December afternoon.... You gotta love it!
I realize I am early so I make a quick stop to Wallmart to pick up my date for the night. He's short, old, fat and really needs a good shave but I can't be too picky tonight cause no one wants to ride in a roadster on a cold December night.

  This little dude is used to it though, cause he comes from the North Pole: So he joyfully hops onto the back of my hotrod to ride along.

Yes, you've guessed it, my date for the night is none other than Santa himself! I have bungee corded him to my trunk lid and now he is bouncing around as I drive to the rendez vous point. He is so CUTE! Each time I speed a bit, he starts to wave his little arms vehemently as to say: "HELP! HELP! She's going to kill us both!". I wish I was kidding. But the wind did really make him wave his little arms as he faced the cars behind me... OK, so sue me, I physically and emotionally abused Santa a bit... Oooops, I guess I'm gonna be on his S.... list from now on and no more Christmas present for you little missie! LOL.

Oh don't get all upset now: Look at him on the picture above: Does he look like an unhappy little Santa? He had a blast. And besides, it gave him a break from his sleigh. And don't be so surprised if next Christmas, you catch a glimpse of Santa delivering his presents in a 1932 Ford roadster! At least YOU will know why. Oh, and I will probably be bungee corded to his trunk lid screaming my head off into the cold, cold, 2007 Christmas night... LOL

Ooops, I went off on a tangent... I'm really good at that LOL. So Santa and I landed safely at the  red brick Pizza where a very nice group of folks awaited. We all had pizzas and lemonade and talked and warmed up a bit... Our classic cars, lining up the parking lot, had a few passer by puzzled: "Is that a car show" one asked... :)... Once our bellies were filled we once again braved the cold. All the ladies were feeling so sorry for me: "You PooOOoooor thing: You must be soooOOooo cold!". Ironically, I was warm and cozy, under my 375649875 layers of ski clothes but the nice ladies were actually cold in their husbands unheated coupes... Go figure! Everyone was super nice and I was even given a nice present: Hotrod Christmas lights! Hiboy was promptly adorned with scintillating battery operated, suction cup supported bulbs and soon, we all fired up our rides and headed out into the cold cold night... let me share the rest of this dazzling night through the photos and  captions below:



Driving the Sepulveda pass: In the background, the Los Angeles Aquaduct which gives water to our entire city,

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