New Film: The Deuce of Spades

By Jen

Up-and-coming filmmaker Faith Granger is working to bring us a hot rod film of real substance. Deuce of Spades will be a feature-length film with a complex storyline that spans over a half-century, focusing on two crucial periods in a 1932 Ford roadster's existence: its glory days as a legendary lakebed racer circa 1955, and its modern life as a restored hot rod in 2007. While the plot sounds riveting, there's no way this film's commitment to story is going to impinge on its automotive content: Faith has already shot a whole pile of dry-lakebed footage, some of which shows up in the killer film previews she's uploaded on CarDomain Video. While her cinematography is nothing short of art, the Deuce of Spades is of course in addition a real-life car: Faith owns the '32 and does most of her own work on it.  Want to get involved?  Faith is making the film on her own with a virtually non-existent budget, and there's a few things she could use: period-correct props, privately-owned land in California for filming, and cars and people to serve as extras. If you feel you could do anything to pitch in, be sure to leave a note in her guestbook!


Deuce of Spades