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          10/15/06- This is a cool car show held at the Santa Anita race track and I heard a lot of
       good things about it so I decided to sign up. After all, horses and hotrods are two passions of
     mine so having both at the same place and same time sounded like a real treat! Checked the weather forecast everyday that week and it kept saying: Friday, Saturday: rain but Sunday: SUNNY and clear skies! Aren't you glad modern technology can tell us with such cunning precision what the weather Gods are up to? :)

Oh! I take it back. It's 6 AM on the morning of the show and Hiboy, Sean and I are on the road already, followed by Dave and his 32 Essex coupe. And the sun rises and BEHOLD! What the heck are those BIG BLACK LOW clouds doing in MY sunny and clear sky? WHAT sunny and clear sky???

Boy I sure am glad I am a woman of all seasons (literally) and have packed wisely, and that I am wearing my brand new ski pants and jacket (100% water proof - purchased the night before - just to be sure I will never again freeze to death when driving the roadster). I decide that I am NOT turning around and that we will take our chances. Lady luck seemed to be with us for a good chunk of the trip. I got talked into taking the freeway and it's my first long run driving with the crazies on a bumpy and boring freeway. Granted it is faster. But there's something about the way Hiboy jumps sideways when I hit a rough spot that is enough to make the blood freeze in your veins. "Easy boy easy" I kept saying as I tried to hold him steady... I really need to redo my suspension and fix my steering gosh darn it or we are all going to end up in the ditch!

Well, Lady luck decided to vanish right around Eagle Rock and all of a sudden it got pretty wet. Rain was falling! And I was driving a 1932 roadster, with NO top, No windows and NO windshield wipers !! And you know what? IT WAS FUN. Strangely enough, the rain seemed to "glide" over us and I did not feel a single drop on me... Seeing through the windshield was another story altogether. But thanks to RainX, which I had wiped all over the glass few weeks earlier, I was able to see enough to take us- alive and in one piece- all the way to the Santa Anita freeway exit. My fenderless tires were making nice roosters as we drove wet surface streets. Then something really funny happened. We saw a line of classic cars in the left hand turn lane so we pulled behind them. There were about 10 of them or so. Cool, all we had to do was to follow them to the show. After meandering for a while in the neighborhood it came to mind that we were ALL following a green coupe and that the green coupe driver had NO IDEA WHAT-SO-EVER as to where he was going. LOLOLOL... Oh for heaven's sake! So I pulled over and pulled out my secret weapon - yes, you've guessed it: THE THOMAS GUIDE! Or should I call it the "saint Thomas" guide, as it only believes in the directions it can READ (and does not believe in green coupes) LOL.


I think I can honestly say that I earned some respect when I pulled to the show, under the rain, in my 32 open top roadster. They all knew right there and then that I mean business hehe. We parked in the infield and waited over 3 hours for the rain to stop. Meanwhile everyone at the show is bitching: "sunny and clear skies my ass!" (oooops, pardon my French) was pretty much all we could hear from everyone's lips. Car owners did the best they could to cover their open roadsters and exposed carburetors (see photos below). Thanks to my ski clothes I was dry and even borderline too hot LOL. We all hang out until the weather Gods decided they had punished us long enough and made the rain stop. Then everyone went into a wiping frenzy and once again I was reminded that black primer does NOT like water. But we survived. The show was nice and I met some cool, knowledgeable people there. I was told about a cruise night I have not yet checked out (but wait... that's our NEXT adventure!!). We also watched some of the races but I didn't bet - I'm too broke cause I own a hotrod LOL. So around 4PM everyone gathered to hear the awards and see who won what. The last three shows did not yield any trophy results for me, so I was really NOT expecting...


Wow!! How cool! Hiboy strikes again :). I guess in the end the lovely plaque I took home with me made it worth all the rain in the universe.. LET IT POUR!




We hit the road bright and early and it soon starts raining

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