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a young black marble male inside the betta display is visited and courted by a female outside the display (swimming in the forefront). Front clearance is wide enough that no betta (even fat ones LOL)  will ever get stuck while swimming between the display and the tank.



They are a double edge sword. They can be useful to keep a male or two in the community tank, but most of the displays out there are way too small :((. Beware of the ones with suction cups. Invariably these will wear out and no longer hold, the display will sink and the males will go on a big 'Seek and Destroy' rampage before you have a chance to know what hit you.

I did find one that is great, but NOONE carries it it seems. I am so excited about this product I am going  to share it with you nonetheless!! 

1)- It is made out of clear plastic, so you can see the betta very well. 
2)- It does not have suction cups, but instead hangs inside the tank, so you know it will never come lose and will last like, forever. 
3)- It has openings so the water flows through so you won't need to fuss with it and change the water inside. 
4)- It has a top cover so you know your betta won't jump out and end up in the tank with all the others! 
5)- What's best is that it is bigger than most betta displays I have found on the market so your betta will still have room to roam. 
6)- AND it is built in such a way that other bettas can swim all around it, so your betta will never feel isolated. He will be stimulated and flare and play with his tank pals. 

I give this product a 5 star!! 

Each display holds one betta and you can hang quite a few in each of your tanks. Move them around, remove them, add them, you are never stuck with any given configuration. Not suitable to hold a sick fish.

Where did I find mine? Direct from the manufacturer, which will not sell to the general public. I used to sell them here but I no longer do. Wait, let me repeat this: I NO LONGER DO. So please don't email me about them. GRRRRR.


(was unable to find them)

 Fry corral

This is a great device! Hangs inside the tank and protects anyone who is placed inside it! Plastic frame will not corrode and poison bettas. Fine mesh will prevent even the smallest fry to escape. Water circulates through it so no need to worry about water changes, the water inside the coral stays clean. Great to protect the smaller of the bunch from turning into their sibling's dinner! 
Note: Not suitable to hold sick fish.



Specimen container

This clear container hangs on the inside of your tank and allows you to keep one betta separated from the rest of the spawn. It is 'watertight' meaning water does not flow through. Hence it is suitable for a sick fish, but you need to remember to do water changes as though it was a jar. Great for bullies, to isolate a sickly betta or to introduce a female in the spawning tank or even to get a depressed betta to snap out of it by placing him in a tank with lots of other bettas :)). I also use it to move fry/bettas from one tank to the other. 


Tank divider

For tanks up to 10 gal. Cut to desired size. Easy to install and removable. Works great for fry that are starting to nip each other. Also useful to keep smaller fry on one side of the fry tank to protect them and give them a better chance to grow. Has tiny holes so water will flow through and still get filtered. 
Drawback: If not installed properly, small fish may sneak under or sometimes might jump over it. (cause bettas are naughty ;) ).