Q: Twice now the Bubble nest has collapsed. What do I need to do the keep the Bubble nest intact until the eggs hatch to fry. Somewhere I read that there may not be enough humidity in the tank. How long will it take for the eggs to hatch to fry?

Question submitted by Mary, Burlington - Iowa

A: If you keep your tank covered and if you have been a good girl and followed my instructions and gave Mr. betta a 1/2 stirofoam cup to build his nest under, then the bubble nest should last. But it will take cooperation (and some hard work) on Mr. Betta's part, too. If he is lazy and let's the nest go, then no matter what you do the nest WILL fall apart. In short, you cannot do his job for him, he has to do it. Once the eggs are laid, stealing another betta's nest to add it under the cup could have disastrous results so I do not recommend it. And unless you know how to blow betta bubbles yourself LOL, you are SOL. (as in Significantly Out of Luck) ;). I notice you sneaked in a second question (bad bad girl LOL). The answer to that is anywhere from a day and a half to three days depending on the water's temperature.