How can I get an opaque male betta by spawning different colored betta's. 

Question submitted by Eric, Westland - Michigan

A: Let me answer this question with another question: Why would you ever want to do this in the first place? 

Knowing that it oftentimes take years and years and years (sometimes as many as 10 to 15 years) of hard work and trial and error for a breeder to create a new color, and since Gene Lucas already did all the hard labor for you, why would you want to do it all over again? Would it not be a bit (itsy bitsy) easier on you to just locate a very high quality opaque pair and breed it? ;P

Your above question would be best worded like this: " How was the opaque white strain created?". To which I would reply: I have the whole thing on file at home, but I am at the office right now, so top of my head, Gene worked with the following genes: Cambodian, spread iridescence, non-red, steel... Cambodian gene created bettas with light colored bodies (no black pigment), the non red gene made the red fins of the cambodians come out pale yellow instead. The spread iridescence allowed the steel blue iridescence (which is the lightest of the 3 iridescent colors - the other 2 being royal blue and green) to be spread evenly over the entire body and fins of the fish. The opaque factor making the resulting light colored fish look very intense in color. (Can't remember right this moment exactly how Gene stumbled over the opaque factor, but it was while working all these genes together I believe).

New colors are developed by working genes over the course of many spawns and by selective breeding. The breeder will select, each spawn, the individual that looks closest to his/her envisioned goals and breed it to a sister, or sometimes even crossing back to a mother etc... It is oftentimes necessary to concurrently try several different angles and experiment with many genes to see how they interact together and see the results this interaction yields.

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