Q: Do female bettas grow as big as male bettas?

Question submitted by Rosie, Santa Cruz - Laredo

A: Ah, well, this is what I call a question short and to the point LOL. Good thing it is, because I JUST came back from Las Vegas about 
30 min ago and I am completely exhausted. No, no, not from heavy drinking and gambling you guys. I actually went to attend a Lindy Hop dance exchange and it was primarily a whole lot of swing dancing and my feet are killing me. Didn't have time nor the inclination to gamble or drink (except for tons of water). And had a complete and alter super extra healthy BLAST. 

Hum? Oh yes what about the question you ask. ;) Alright alright, I am getting there. Let me gather my scattered thoughts now. :). 


OK, so here it is: yes females get big. As big as males, and sometimes BIGGER... Of course we are referring to body size, since I hope that by now all of you know that females don't grow fins like males do. Oftentimes, because females don't have to be jarred like males do, females will be kept in somewhat large community tanks. As a result they have a tendency to get big. A friend of mine, who breeds bettas once said: They look like vessels LOL. Yop, that's how big some of them get. One  thing to keep in mind though: Unless you have a huge male, a huge female is pretty much useless, because a normal sized male will not be able to properly wrap around her massive body during the spawn, resulting in either no eggs or non fertile eggs. So, here I must say (and I actually never thought I'd hear myself say that LOL): "Bigger is not better" ;P. In short, if your female betta looks like a vessel, you could be missing the boat (the Love boat that is).

;P (OK, time to go get a nap now), see you guys tomorrow.