Q: Can our little boys be left unattended for 4 days?  We are taking a vacation to Vegas soon.

Question submitted by Gayl, Aurora - Colorado

A: Yop, it is that time of the year isn't it? All of us betta lovers/owners will be taking a vacation at some point this summer and we will all need to face the same dilemma: What to do with the betta(s)???? 

Which brings me to the next question: Are we truly betta owners, or are we owned by the bettas? (Mmmmmm.. Let me meditate on this one for a millennium or two...) LOL.

I have covered how to best handle vacations and bettas in length under my section 'betta care' so read the page going on vacation

Are bettas a chain and ball tightly hugging your ankle? Well, if you are taking only a few days off, they need not be. Most bettas can do very well without eating for a few days. The best way to go (pun intended) in my opinion if you are leaving for less than a week is:


do a water change the night before you leave so your betta has ample clean water (not needed if your betta is in a filtered tank of at least 3 gal)


Feed your betta a good meal right before your departure but only as much as it can eat within 5 mn. Do not leave uneaten food in the betta's jar/tank.


Remember to cover your tank/jars so the betta does not jump.


That's it!

No need for silly 'vacation feeders' and other gismos. In most cases you are better off leaving the betta alone than asking for a well intentioned friend/neighbor to care for it while you are gone. In most cases, well intentioned people do the most stupid things and are more likely to hurt the betta than to help it. And yes, they might also try your underwear on while you are gone LOL. 

The above does not apply to young fry which will need to be fed DAILY (or else!). If you have currently a tank full of fry, be prepared to share your underpants LOL.


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