Do females blow bubblenests? =)

Question submitted by Denise, Singapore

A: Aaaaahhhh those emancipated female bettas ;). This is an interesting question Denise. Usually, only males blow bubblenests. However, on rare occasions, I have seen females blow a nest. Heck, I even once had a female who not only blew a nest, but also raised a small batch of fries! How funny. Come to think of it, she also had a mustache, so she had a lot of testosterones probably LOL. (just kidding). So here are my thoughts regarding your dilemma:


if it is blowing a bubble nest, chances are it is a MALE. Males oftentimes look like females, especially late blooming ones. Fins may be short, and at first look, male looks like a she. But I would not trust it, if it is blowing a nest, it probably is a he. This is especially true if you cannot see an egg spot.


on super duper rarissimus occasions, a female might think she is a he and blow a nest. Females also flare like males and can act pretty much like boyz. Here again, the presence of the egg spot would help you determine whether the she is a he or the he is a she (confused? So am I LOL).

If your betta is young (under 6 months), then it is possible you have a late blooming male. If your betta is older (over a year), the chances of a male still having super short fins at that age are very slim so you may then really have a bubblenest blowing female.

Of course, one sure way to know is to simply ask your fish. But many of the he-she individuals can be somewhat in denial so you may not be able to get a straight answer from 'himer' (or should I say herim?). LOL

For now, I would wait it out and not worry about it too much. However if you find your betta swimming around in high heels and spandex, then DO worry. ;).

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