Q: Where can I buy BettaMax? I have asked around in the typical big chain pet stores and no one seems to know what that is. You mention it quite often so having some on hand sounds like a great idea.

Question submitted by Mary, Rochester - NY 

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING BETTAMAX: Since publishing this article (many years ago) the company that manufactured Bettamax (Aquatronics) went out of business. As a result, it has become impossible to find Bettamax. I have since then come up with a product that seems to fill the same shoes and works as efficiently (perhaps even more efficiently) to prevent many betta diseases, especially velvet and "stiff fins". The name of this product is BettaZing and is only sold here on www.bettatalk.com to purchase it please go to our buy supplies page 


A: If you ask a pet store person about Bettamax and they do not know what it is, you have my permission to stone them to death LOL!!


Bettamax is a medication manufactured by Aquatronics. It is one of the most common ones they have and should be available at most semi decent fish stores. It comes in a small green packet containing 10 capsules, costs an arm and a leg (like ALL fish medications LOL), but is worth the money because it is a great all around disease preventative / betta magic cure ;). It is good for acclimating newly arrived bettas, treating light fin tears due to spawning or fighting, helping with slight "not feeling so good today mom" syndrome, and if you have no clue what is wrong with your fish and want to put something in his water 'that could help but cannot hurt' (until you find the right medication to hit him with). (Boy, why do I always make such long sentences? Do you guys sometime fall asleep halfway between the first word and the last word of my one sentence? LOL If so, I don't blame you!) 

Bettamax has a lot of Methylene blue in it, so it turns stuff blue sometimes :) especially your fingers, floors, carpets, etc... ;) Hence my decision to pick a blue carpet for my fishroom floor LOL. Hence also the expression "Blue thumb" ;). Bettamax also contains vitamins and some anti fungal ingredients. I'll spare you the details (since you just woke up cause you fell asleep during my above long sentence which was not however quite as long as the one I am about to spew out right now, for I am the longest winded person that ever existed on the planet, although Proust, as I recall was a pretty tough contestant, but I got him smoked because I am a girl and if you remember girls do talk a lot more than boys, yes, do I hear an amen from all the boys here, ok I think I am running out of things to pack in this one longest ever sentence (should I submit it to the Guinness books of records?? LOL)

But seriously, bettamax is a must have for ANY betta owner. As a matter of fact I think that if you own a betta but do NOT have bettamax your betta should be repossessed Manu military. This is your last warning. Get some now or have a swat team break into your house and recover your hostage! :)

Where to get some you ask? Right, I almost forgot that WAS the question! If you cannot locate ANY local fish stores that carry it, you can order it from this website: thatfishplace.com

I have used them in the past and always was happy with their service. Boxes arrive in pieces on occasion, so I do not recommend ordering heavy items or fragile ones. Also, you must not be in a super hurry, so this is only good if you are buying Bettamax to have it on hands for the day you'll need it as opposed to: I am desperate and need it NOW. Expect about 7 to 10 days for normal delivery. Overnight is available but costs $$$. All in all a good place to buy light fish supplies at reduced prices. Also they are very good at taking broken stuff back :). Voila. (yeyyy! A ONE word sentence!).


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