Q: How do Betta owners who "show" their bettas train them to flare?

Question submitted by joy, West Palm Beach - FL


A: It is actually fairly easy. You will need to invest in some basic training equipment though, such as a stool, a whip, and a cracker.

Now face the jar in which the male you want to train resides. Make sure to have his attention. Be assertive. Usually a deeper tone of voice combined with a frown on your face, work well. You can also tap your foot and pout (this works real well with human males). Once the male is looking at you, you must give him the voice command to flare. If he does not respond, crack the whip. Be careful however to not get the cigarette stuck in his mouth. Bettas get cranky when you take their cigarettes away ;). If he still does not flare, you can use the Mr.181 trick: Pull out the cracker and say:

"If you don't behave you will end up on a cracker!" LOL

Bettas are terrified of crackers. Another words that really scare the daylight out of them is "SUSHI".

OK, now for the more accurate, boring answer:

Breeders card their males. Meaning that they put cardstock between the jars so the males can't see each other. I am sure there are as many ways of training bettas as there are breeders, but here is one that is pretty common: About 1/2 hour before feeding, they remove the cards and let the bettas see each other which usually results in massive flaring. Then they feed the bettas and card them again until the next feeding.  

Personally I like the stool and whip method better ;). Mr.181 prefers the cracker method. He has been gaining a lot of weight on this cracker/betta diet  LOL.

Well, I hope this helped (and if not, I hope that it at least made you laugh). (and NO , of course Mr.181 would NEVER eat a betta, silly!)

(or would he? I have noticed a few of my bettas missing lately... And he has been gaining some weight... Mmmmmmmmm)

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