Q: When a betta is recovering from fin rot, should it have a black ring around the new white finnage?

Question submitted by ST, Dublin - Ohio

A: Hi guys! My router is fried so I am unable to log on from the office until tomorrow (hopefully), so I'll keep this short and sweet. I am sorry I was not able to get any kind of connection yesterday to update the column and you guys lived off the fumes from the pervious day's article. But as they say, distance makes the heart go fond :), so hopefully you now love this column even MORE.

Now let's talk about fin regrowth. If a betta's fins become damaged, may it be by a disease (fin rot) or a mishap (fight), they will grow back as long as rot is defeated or prevented. First rule is if your fish gets an accidental 'haircut' as I call them (say another male accidentally jumps in his jar and tears his fins off) do not panic. The fins will slowly grow back. However you must prevent fin rot so you will have to treat with Bettamax EVEN if you see no rot there. That is because open wounds can quickly become infected and if a rot settles in the area, fins will not grow back, and instead further deteriorate and your betta's life may very well become endangered. 

The younger a betta the faster and better the fins will grow back. The older the betta the less and the slower they will grow back.

When they grow back, they will not usually look perfect. They may look a bit "wrinkled" as in not perfectly smooth. Usually they will look less colorful, as in more see through, lighter in color. You will be able to see (if you look closely) the end of the old fin and start of the new fin as a ban of of some sort. In other words the "demarcation line" will be slightly noticeable. In short, regrowth of fin is rarely smooth and uniform (but sometimes it does grow back to perfection :)  ).

This "demarcation line" might be what you refer to as a "black ring" but your explanation was not clear so I am not sure where the "ring" exactly is. (Hopefully not in your TV set) (YIKES That was a SCARY movie - I hated it). Also you say "white" but did not mention if you have a regular light colored betta or an opaque white. Personally I have not seen black rings on opaque betta's fin regrowth, but sometimes there can be a darker colored demarcation line. The end of fins themselves should not look different except maybe for being lighter and less smooth and perfect. 


I hope this helps.


Once again I urge you guys to make every effort to really explain clearly your problems otherwise you might not get the full benefit of my help. (cause I am not psychic!).

If I am unable to update this column tomorrow that will mean the new router has not yet been delivered. Be patient we will be back in no time :).

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