Q: I know you hate feeding flakes or anything other that worms, but I started to feed my bettas betta bio-gold and they love it. Do you think that I should stick to blood worms?

Question submitted by Natasha, Kelogg - Montana

A: Funny you should ask because I am in the process of doing a lot of betta food research as I am going to publish a series on foods on this site over the next few months. 

Should you stick to bloodworms? Yes and no. I think the key here is VARIETY. It is important to provide a balanced diet. Some foods are high in protein while others are low, some are more nutritious than others and some cause problems. Again, as I am about to unravel all I have found out about betta foods soon, I will not go deep into it right now. Just know this:

bullet Alternate between 2 to 3 different foods
bullet If your bettas are eating bloodworms, keep feeding them the bloodworms.
bullet If your bettas also love bio gold, then by all means ALSO feed them that.
bullet Consider adding one more food to their menu. I would recommend frozen brine shrimp. These are easy to feed, good mouth size for a betta, do not cloud or pollute the water and most of all bettas would KILL for them LOL. (so careful your fingers LOL).
bullet Live foods can be the cause of many very serious problems so avoid them.
bullet Frozen foods are less dangerous but could also carry parasites or bacteria (not all are killed by freezing)
bullet Freeze dried foods are very clean and cannot pass bacteria or parasites , however they have other risks, one of which is internal damage if you feed over freeze dried chunks (would be hard chunks the bettas cannot digest)
bullet Flakes are OK if you can get your betta to eat them (good luck) but once again not as a sole food.
bullet Small pellets have been fed successfully to bettas, although not by me LOL, my bettas just laugh at me if I put pellets in their jars. It is a very humiliating experience ;). If your bettas will eat them then go for it.

So there you go in short, the answer to your question.

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