• With a power filter with good media and weekly water changes, you might be able to keep about 6 females in a 10 gallon tank PROVIDING  that they do get along well with each other. if they don't you might only be able to keep ONE. ;)

    I would never keep more than 6 even if they do get along. If you are using a low end filtering system (corner filter etc) than I would only keep 4. 

    I hope this helps you.


    How many males can you keep in a 10 gal tank? 
    The answer is only ONE. 

    And how many males can you keep in the 10 gal tank with the females? 
    The answer is ZERO. They will fight.





    Q: How many female bettas can you place in a ten gallon tank?

    Question submitted by Megan, Palm City - Florida

    A: Well, the rule of thumb is each inch of fish should get 1 gallon of water and this rule can also be affected by the following:

    the larger the females the less you can keep
    the more aggressive the females, the less you can keep.
    the less plants you have in there, the less you can keep (cause they won't have any hiding place to rest)
    the less often you clean your tank and change your water, the less you can keep
    the less efficient the filter, the less you can keep.

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