• My advice: Spawn your bettas while still fairly young, and spawn them one to three time each, no more. Usually you will want to move on to the next generation anyways. After 2 to 3 spawns, retire your betta and treat them well, they have after all, worked hard for you and deserve it.

    On that note I am happy to report that my 190 degree halfmoon Blue Moon male spawned for me last night and is now guarding a nest full of eggs. The female I paired him with spawned with him at lightning speed :) after only 8 hours in the tank. It was love at first sight. Such fast spawning is less stressful for a female and she suffered no damage since she was willing since minute one :). I was surprised to see that he did not blow his fins and suffered almost no damage at all. Which made me very happy because he has HUGE gorgeous finnage. I hope the eggs hatch and he doesn't snack on the fry and we will all be happy :). Earlier this week, my melano male spawned and also my crowntail geno DT geno Holy Grail male with a sister. These were however very small spawns, since the fish involved were so young. I will spawn both again in one month. Last but not least, a super delta bright red apache male is about to spawn with a very nice sister (she is checking the nest at regular intervals, inspecting it and so far it has not yet met her approval LOL, but I can see it is getting there LOL). In two other tanks, a pair of red/black/white splash (rare color) has just been set-up as well as another pair of apache with heavy pattern. Over the week end I will be setting up  a pair of green halfmoon marbles and another pair of opaques. :) Last but not least, my last black/splash spawn is almost ready to start selling. It yielded some darn nice marbles!! The color is very vibrant and many of the fish show great marbling. I am very pleased because good marbles remain very hard to produce. Look for them on the stock page soon.



    Q: I've spawn beautiful veil tail bettas for about two years and am now moving on to the "REAL" thing. I want to know when do you retire a betta from spawning or how do you know your betta must retire? I have spawned many young ones many times and I feel that I'm overdoing it (one female, Pinky, has spawned 5 times in her life.)

    Question submitted by Kala, Panama City - Florida

    A: This is a good question which all breeders out there can benefit from. So I will cover the topic broadly and give you some info and parameters to follow when it comes to spawning bettas.
    bettas can be spawned as early as... Well, whenever the male start blowing bubbles. That could be as soon as 2.5 months, or as late as 4 months. 
    bettas can be spawned as late as their health and energy allows. This could be 1.5 years old, but rarely beyond that.
    bettas can be spawned year round.
    bettas can be spawned anytime they are willing and in good health.
    spawning bettas is very stressful for them. Any betta that is not fully healthy and in great shape will either not spawn or if it does, is likely to not handle the stress well and immediately become sick after it is done spawning and raising the fry. So never attempt to spawn a betta that is not 100% healthy and in its prime.
    always allows at least 3 weeks between spawns so that the fish can recover and replenish their strength and stress levels have returned to normal, as well as immune system.
    never spawn bettas you have just received. They must be allowed to first acclimate to their new homes, new  water and new foods and to get over that move related stress. Then you can spawn them. Otherwise you will compound the stress of being moved to a new home to the stress of being spawned and they might not survive (or at least their health will deteriorate to the point where they no longer can be used as breeders).
    each time you spawn a betta you take a chance on killing it (both male and female). If you have a very nice betta it is worth the chance, because you want its gene to be passed on to as many fry as possible. But don't over do it. I feel that 3 to 4 spawns would be a very maximum  for a betta's lifetime. I am sure some people out there have spawned a betta more, or at least wanted to. I am not so sure their betta was still in tip top shape to spawn after 3 spawns.
    if a betta ever gets sick with ANYTHING, it is not in my book 'spawnable' any longer. Since it is likely your breeders might come down with something after a few spawns, it is not likely you will be able to breed them again and again and again.

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