Q: Is it normal for your betta to be more active in the night than the day?

Question submitted by Bob, Cituate - MA

A: CAREFUL!!! You might be in possession of a very rare mutated betta, and a quite dangerous one if I may add, called Bettacula. These elusive bettas originate from Europe (Transylvania to be specific). They usually sleep during the day and roam their bowl at night, in search of a finger to suck blood from LOL.

Got you going there, for a moment :).....

But seriously, the answer is no. Bettas rest at night. Many nocturnal visits to my fishroom (to check on a breeding pair) have shown me that the bettas don't do much at all. Usually they will sink to the bottom of the tank, and just lay there on their round little bellies. My presence in the fishroom steers no reaction, which I can assure you is NOT the case during the day (FEED US! HERE! NO HERE! OVER HERE WE SAID! MORE FOOD! FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOOOOD!!!). I Assume that they are sleeping and do not really "see" me, though their eyes are wide open. They are basically in lala fishland. Should I turn on the lights in the fishroom, however, they will eventually wake up and start moving around. This may take a couple of minutes though. When I ship bettas, I have to wake up before the crack of dawn and have to 'manually' (as in turn on the lights and move around) wake my bettas up to pack them.

Is your betta active at night? You give no details (which would have been greatly useful). Do you keep the lights on at night? Are you a student who studies until very late and your betta is on your desk keeping you company and possibly thinks it is day time since you are there and there is movement and light. If so maybe his internal clock is off (check the clock battery, it is very tiny but you can find it up the....(OK, better stop that joke right there). ;P. If you turn the lights on at night and the room is dark during the day, the betta could over time become confused (I suppose). 

It is advisable to allow pets to keep in tune with the flow of nature (as opposed to our own weird hours). By this I mean that it is best for them to sleep when the sun goes down and wake up at dawn. (That is unless they are a hamster LOL). Animals are up early (anyone with birds can attest to that LOL), and even if my fishroom is kept dark, my fish are fully awake and active when the sun (outside) goes up. They are in tune with nature. So it is important to allow them to go to sleep at a decent time, turn off the light or cover your birds/tanks etc. Perhaps if you do that you will find your betta will act normal again.

But then again, if I were you, I would keep a clove of garlic and a cross near my bed, and not sleep too deeply, cause you just never know...  hehehehehehehe...

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