Q: HELLO!! I was just wondering is it better 2 spawn a male betta with red and pink as colors or is it better 2 spawn 
a colorful betta that has many diff colors??????

Question submitted by Laura, Richmond - B.C

A: From the question above I can tell that you are not well informed when it comes to betta color standards. Any of us who intend to breed bettas will have to do a little homework and get the 411 on what is desirable as a betta color and what is not. Also all of us will have to set ourselves goals.
bulletgoals:  It is important to set goals because in many instances it will take several months, up to several years to achieve them. So to not waste precious time by getting side tracked, each betta breeder should write down what she/he intends to accomplish, and note along the months, their progress, set backs, experiments, results, etc.... Some breed for finnage, some for color, some for pattern. You will need to decide what it is you want to go after. From your question, it appears you are focused on color so if that is the case it should be your priority. 
bulletcolor standards: You will need to learn what the color standards are, as set by the International Betta Congress. Although you can do whatever you want, meaning you do not have to comply with IBC standards, they are here to guide you and to give you a reality check. If you plan on showing, then you have to understand that all betta shows are judged by IBC judges according to IBC standards. So if you are unaware of what they are, your chances of winning a show are zero to null. If you do not intend to show, you have more freedom of expression (if I may say) and can experiment and try to create new color combos. Although there is no right or wrong in experimenting with betta strains, a sound knowledge of betta color standards would be a must. For example, red bettas should not have blue or green iridescence on their bodies or fins. Blue bettas should have no red in their bodies or fins. In trying to create say a green bodied betta with red fins, you would need to play around with genes and in the process might have to work on getting a lot of blue in a red fish. Although not desirable in itself, it might be a necessary evil to get to your goal.
bulletgenetic limitations: Another key ingredients in your success will be to understand how betta genetics work. I often hear beginners express impossible desires because they do not understand that the imaginary result they have in mind would be impossible to achieve (unless they hand painted their bettas that is LOL - PS: that is a joke). Say for example you wanted to create a betta with a red body and yellow fins. This would be impossible because the same gene that causes the fins to be yellow (non-red gene) would also cause the body to be yellow. So you could spin your wheels forever trying to create such a betta and it would just never happen. (well actually there is a way it could happen, but it would not breed true). So once again you should do your homework.
bulletjust having fun: If you just want to have fun and do not care at all of what the bettas color outcome will be (just want them for pets), then you could breed whatever to whatever. You will end up with whatever. Whatever has no market value, no chance of winning a show and once undesirable colors have been mixed, they are often impossible to undo (fix later in further generations). So you could breed red and pink, or multicolors and it wouldn't matter. If you are aiming for good results, a red and pink would come from having a layer of blue iridescence on its body (which is a fault). Not sure what your multicolor looks like, but it might be a better bet.

As you see, there is no simple answer to your question, but it gave me a chance to touch on some important issues, so I hope it helps all of you who are starting in this wonderful hobby of ours.