Q: You suggest treating Bettas for Fin Rot with Neosulfex or Bettamax for a month, do you keep applying fresh doses of medication every three days during that month even if they're looking better?

Question submitted by Celeste, Central - South Carolina

A: Actually I did not suggest to treat fin rot with bettamax. If you read again the disease page, I said treat with Neosulfex, THEN when fins start to grow back, you may want to still add some bettamax to the water. There are vitamins in Bettamax which will help the healing/recovery process, also Bettamax is a good disease preventative, so it will prevent a relapse. But Bettamax is not the right medication to fight fin rot itself. In most cases, you will not see an improvement of your rot. 

So you start with the heavy duty weapon: Neosulfex (Ampicilex works good too). You change water of jar every 3 to 5 days, and add a new dose of medication at that time. If you can, you change jar every time as well, and sanitize the old jar. This will slow down bacteria as well. Once rot stops and fins start to grow back, you stop the heavy duty antibiotic and switch to something lighter and less 'harmful' for fish. Here again, same system, you change water every 3 to 5 days and add Bettamax every time you change water. After another 3 to 4 weeks in Bettamax, and if your betta shows no sign of relapse, you can stop all medicating. You cannot stop, however the frequent water changes. It has been my observation that once a betta gets sick, it will have a tendency to get sick again more often than another betta. So extra pampering may be needed to keep him in tip top shape.

I hope above helped you.