Q: Hello, I was just preparing to breed my bettas and it hit me that I need a lot of jars! (duh!) My question is where can I get that many jars all at once, where do you get yours? ~thanks~ Josh

Question submitted by Josh, Sallisaw - Oklahoma

A: Jars, jars, jars.... Yes you will need lots of those if you are to breed bettas. The first thing to determine is whether you want them to be glass or plastic. Some people like glass, some prefer plastic. Each has its pros and cons. Glass breaks, but ages better. Plastic does not break and is light, but overtime the transparency of jar walls will become corrupt making it hard to see the bettas, and you will have to replace the jar. Glass can be machine washed on hot cycle (disinfect). A plastic jar will melt (I tried it, and the result was modern art - Picasso style LOL). 

Glass jars for cheap: You can do garage sales and check thrift stores, both will have glass jars of all sizes for cheap. Where to get them in large quantities? I have no clue. Why? Because I do not use glass jars LOL.

Plastic jars are a better choice for me. Mine are square so they use less shelf space. Also they are easier to grab. I can grab and carry 8 jars in one shot (4 in each hand). Makes me look like a bird of prey flying with bettas in my claws LOL. Yes, I do grab them from the top. Some people order Beannie babies plastic boxes from the internet, I am sure if you do a search you will find who sells them wholesale. As for me, I just went to my local Smart and Final store and got their 1/4 jars, their 1/2 jars and their 1 gal jars. Prices were about 65c for 1/4, $1.25 for 1/2 and about $1.60 for 1 gal. Give or take a few pennies because it has been a while since I have purchased them and those prices are 'top of my head'. I am not sure whether you have Smart and Final stores in  Oklahoma, but if you don't maybe you can search the net for them and see if they will ship them to you. 

Note: I do recommend 1/2 gal jars. If you have limited space, or large number of bettas, you can go to 1/4, but more frequent water changes will be required. As for cups, I think anyone who keeps bettas in cup should be shot in the head (repeatedly).