Q: Hello Faith, how long (days?) does the tap water need to be treated before my betta can be put in his new tank? Thanks ;)

Question submitted by Laurie, Whittier - California

A: It will take only a few instant for chlorine to be removed. However, you have to take into consideration a few other important parameters. One will be the temperature of your water. Since you should only use the cold water faucet (hot water comes from water heaters and oftentimes water heaters corrode and water is heavy in dissolved harmful metals), then usually when you fill a tank the water is initially very cold. Once you plug your heater in it will take usually a couple of days for water temperature to reach safe range. As a rule, the bigger the tank, the longer you have to wait. Another parameter yet is the cycling of the tank. I personally do not worry about it and have never had a problem. Then again I never crowd my tanks and I use super heavy duty power filters with bio wheels. In short, if you have say a 2 gal tank you just set up with water that you treated that day and that is already at the same temperature as your betta's current water, you could move him to such a tank within 1 hour. If setting up a larger tank with cold water, I would wait about 3 days (a new heater will have to also be adjusted to heat the water to the right temperature, so with a new heater there is a chance for mistakes (water too hot) and you need a few days to figure it out and dial it in). I hope this answers your question and helps you.