Q: My new betta seems to enjoy rubbing just his nose along the glass of his tank a *lot*. He doesn't rub against anything else and seems to prefer one wall over the others - should I be worried?

Question submitted by Sarah, Raleigh - NC

A: Well, I knew it would be just a matter of time until someone had me stumped with a question LOL. And just when I thought I KNEW IT ALL :)).

I am kinda stumped, but not entirely stumped (there's still some life left in me hehehehehe). So here is my opinion on this mysterious matter.

bulletYour betta is neurotic. Has a nose fetish maybe. Either way you should book some therapy sessions asap  with the closest betta psychiatrist ;)
bulletOK, I'll be serious now: your betta may be very active and want to swim a lot. If his tank/jar is not spacious enough, he may pace back and forth. For some reason, I have noticed bettas will do so going up and down a wall, rather than across the tank (go figure - don't ask, I don't know). In doing so it looks as if they are trying to PUSH the wall with their nose, while  swimming up & down against it at an angle. Sorta dragging their face on the wall as they swim. If that is the case, then Mr. Betta is happy and just full of energy. Wait until old age catches up with him and that will take the spunk right out of him (us old fart can attest to that LOL).
bulletOr maybe your betta has a bit of fungus or a parasite he is trying to get rid off? This is a remote possibility and frankly I do not believe, from your above description that this is the case, since you said he does not scratch his body and doesn't rub against anything else. To be on the safe side, I want you to examine closely his mouth area. If it appears discolored, or grayish, swollen or red, then you should treat immediately. My bet is you will look and find absolutely nothing out of the ordinary on your betta's nose. I think the problem is inside his cranium LOL

Here is another funny observation. I have placed about 16 apache males in bungalows in a 40 gal tank. I had one extra male left so I shlapped him in the tank to be allowed to swim freely around the bungalows. The little fellow has had the WHOLE 40 gal tank to himself. Results: A)- He is twice as big as his brothers  B)- His fins look much larger and better  C)- He spends all his time glued against other betta's partitions just to mess with them, flaring and displaying and picking up imaginary fights D)- Last but not least, he spends all his extra free time in one spot. He found a place where he can hang and kinda "lay" on to top the bungalow edge, so he doesn't have to swim. He just sits there against the plastic wall, as if he wants in. Meanwhile his brothers pace back and forth in their cubicles as if they want out. Guess the water is always bluer on the other side :).