Q: I have a beautiful male betta right now, and I am going crazy because I want another one! Obviously I can't put another male with him, but do you think I could put a female? If things don't workout though, then I don't know where I would put the female!!!! What would you do?

Question submitted by LB, Laffayette - Louisiana

A:  It's not "IF" things don't workout, it is "WHEN" things don't work out. Your question is very easy to answer (notice the total lack of hesitation on my part as I take a deep breath and get ready to YELL into your ear):


It never, ever (as in really never ever ever) works. Either male will kill female or female will kill male. They will either kill each other on the spot or over the course of time, by repeatedly picking on each other, tearing fins, ripping off scales, taking eyes out... Get the picture? (It's not a pretty one).

So keep your male alone. Oh, and in case you are hard of hearing:


 :). You guys need to keep your betta addiction under control. If you cannot provide adequate housing for another betta, that means you should not get another betta. A simple, yet efficient concept that somehow still seems to evade many of you! ;)