Q: I just moved my betta from a 2 gal. hex tank to a 5 gal. with filter. He is swimming quickly, flaring and constantly working on bubble nest. Is he happy or stressed?

Question submitted by Jackie, Shreveport - Louisiana

A: Well, that sounds like a spoiled rotten happy betta to me :)) LOL.

As I said recently, it is vital that betta hobbyists learn to speak bettash ;). What is bettash? Betta language. Bettas are very 'talkative' with body language that is. With years, you will learn to recognize and translate bettash and become quite good at it. When I walk into my fishroom, one glance tells me all I need to know. My bettas talk to me and I understand them. If they are unhappy, I immediately notice it and take proper action to remedy the problem. Mastering all the nuances of bettash might take a while, as bettash is a fairly complex language, but for now all you need are the basic few key phrases to get by in bettaland. (ex: "Pardon me, where is the closest Hotel?") LOL. So here are a few of the most commonly used bettash words:

Bettash: building a bubble nest
English translation: Mom I sure feel good today. I feel frisky and happy and a bit horny too ;). I have reached puberty and am now sexually matured (and proud of it) - check out the big bubble I just spit out :). Hop , here's another one! And another one! And... etc...

Bettash: swimming energetically
English translation: Yehhaaaa. Life is good, I am full of energy and life. 

Bettash: Flaring
English translation: I'll kick your #@%&&*. I am the best, baddest, meanest betta and I'll show you! I feel handsome, courageous, at my best and yes, I'll admit it again, a bit horny ;).

As you see dear betta friend, your little finned friend is very happy in his new tank. For as long as you see bubble nests you can rest assured that your betta is in top condition. For more information on how to tell a healthy betta from a sick betta please click here.

Thank you for taking such good care of your little guy :).